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Global Arlington,USA

Jun 9, 2016

The Energy Forum, a private event during the 2016 Challenge Cup Global Finals & Festival, will bring together a diverse and exclusive group of industry leaders who are re-imagining and delivering energy solutions throughout the world. 1776 will host five to 10 leaders from each energy sector including policy experts, breakthrough energy companies and startups, investors, corporate partners, nonprofits and government leaders in order to advance relationships across the industry and develop solutions to the most pressing challenges in energy today.



Technology is transforming the energy landscape. Distributed generation and information technologies are driving massive changes in how energy is produced, distributed and consumed. The power infrastructure of the future will incorporate advances in computing, automation, and networking in order to achieve our economic, sustainability and security goals. 1776 strives to accelerate solutions by fostering collaborative and integrated relationships and platforms in energy.

Challenge Cup’s Energy Semifinal Pitch Competition and Gala follows, starting at 5:00 pm. Through your attendance to this event, you will receive a VIP badge to attend the rest of the week’s events, as well as access to the VIP-only areas and special receptions.


  • 5/24/16 9:00 am -5/24/16 9:30 am Breakfast
  • 5/24/16 9:30 am -5/24/16 10:00 am Opening Remarks
  • 5/24/16 10:00 am -5/24/16 10:30 am Keynote- Infrastructure and technology trends: Only the flexible survive
  • 5/24/16 10:30 am -5/24/16 11:00 am Quick pitches: Startups driving carbon zero
  • 5/24/16 11:00 am -5/24/16 12:00 pm Panel: The role of Public Private Partnerships in the Energy Transformation
  • 5/24/16 12:00 pm -5/24/16 1:00 pm Lunch
  • 5/24/16 1:15 pm -5/24/16 1:45 pm Lightning talks: Innovation is not just for startups
  • 5/24/16 1:45 pm -5/24/16 3:00 pm Discussion small groups: Getting beyond the obstacles to achieving carbon zero
  • 5/24/16 3:00 pm -5/24/16 3:30 pm Closing Remarks: Takeaways & Next steps
  • 5/24/16 3:30 pm -5/24/16 4:30 pm Afternoon Cocktails & Networking
  • 5/24/16 4:30 pm -5/24/16 4:30 pm Transportation to Challenge Cup Semifinals with Energy Startups