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At 1776, we know that startups can change the world and we’re building the global community to provide the intellectual, social, and financial capital to help them make that a reality.

Our Focus

We’ve purposely chosen challenging, government-dominated markets because our roots in Washington, DC give us proprietary connections, insights, and tools that can be used to drive massive scale revenue growth. The key to it all is connections and learning.

We connect our startups to the latest wisdom on how to build highly scalable businesses through our curriculum. To expert mentors who can help startups quickly solve problems. To markets through our institutional and corporate partners. To capital through our investor network. And to talent through our community relationships across the globe. Here are just a few different ways to join our global community:


1776 is focused on helping high-growth startups in the industries most challenging to drive innovation and scale —education, energy and sustainability, health, transportation and cities. Meet our Members


By joining 1776, corporate partners gain access to entrepreneurs from around the world, gaining early visibility to the ideas of the future and injecting fresh energy into their businesses. Meet our Corporate Partners

To build and scale a business, it takes more than just a great idea. By joining 1776, startups gain access to a global network of connections with established institutions and corporations, influencers, expert mentors, and investors.

Become a startup member

The world has changed, and corporations are finding a storm of technology and disruption raining on them from seemingly every direction. By joining 1776, corporate member gain a critical new lens into these bold new solutions as well as the very culture, mindset and tools entrepreneurs employ to think differently about the future.

Become a corporate member

1776 builds programs to meet the needs and encourage meaningful growth of revolutionary startups. Our network hosts events and programs that support our mission to tackle challenges and solve problems through entrepreneurship.

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Get involved

Want to get involved in the 1776 community, but you’re not sure how? Email us at and we’ll find the right fit for you.

Meet our founders

1776 was founded in February 2013 with the vision of building an inclusive incubator for startups disrupting entrenched industries.  In 2017, Benjamin’s Desk, a Philadelphia based co-working company, merged with 1776 to create the largest entrepreneurial ecosystem for startups in the Northeast Corridor.

Meet our Team