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1776 NYC Startups

1776 in the Brooklyn Navy Yard is a community of startups and industry innovators solving the world’s biggest challenges.


1776's NYC Startups

Acculis helps General Contractors eliminate the cost of rework with a powerful Augmented Reality software application. On-site workers will be able to use their smartphones and tablets to view virtual projections of building design onto the work space with an overlay accuracy of 1/8″.

Addicaid is an award-winning, comprehensive digital solution to issues stemming from addiction. Our personalized, peer and professional support app helps individuals and loved ones make better decisions with evidence-based approaches and empowers payers & providers with actionable data insights. Our ultimate goal is to reduce addiction rates enough to positively impact healthcare costs, fatalities, crime, and poverty, and to help those whose lives are crippled by addiction regain their dignity and reach their full potential.

AeroAnalytics execute aerial surveys and industrial inspections with drones for construction and engineering clients.

Battery is a learning platform that transforms subject matter experts into educators by supercharging the craft of teaching with the science of learning. Its unique Adaptive Engine Technology puts cutting edge educational tools into the hands of any educator.

Benefit Kitchen helps hospitals, insurance companies, and financial institutions create disposable income for the people they serve. This leads to cost-savings for those institutions, as well as healthier, financially secure communities.

Bixby is a web and mobile app for apartment residents to communicate with building staff, pay bills such as rent & maintenance, & order home services ranging from dry-cleaning to housekeeping. Bixby operates as a platform for the neighborhood, connecting landlords, local businesses, home service providers, and residents in a single ecosystem facilitating the flow of communication & commerce across the community.

Bonbouton has created cutting-edge sensor technology that embedded into wearable devices to improve health care seamlessly and intelligently. Our proprietary graphene sensors passively monitor skin physiological signals to predict injury, detect infection and monitor muscular activity. develops a digital content platform that provides “Deep Hyperlink” capability to any digital publication including ebooks, blogs and news.

CTY makes Numina, a sensor system that collects real-time insights from streets to make cities responsive. Numina includes a deploy-anywhere sensor that uses computer vision to detect all kinds of objects in streets and record activity trends. By processing all data on the device, Numina provides intelligence without surveillance. We partner with cities to deploy Numina on light poles, to deliver valuable mobility information to municipal agencies and data to the private sector.

CleanTech Methods, Inc. wants to become the leading Fintech solution for Cleantech. Solar PV is a multi-billion-dollar market that’s changing the power industry because it’s a distributed renewable energy technology.

ClearRoad helps private and public transportation entities to create new funding mechanisms to solve the infrastructure crisis in the U.S. ClearRoad is currently America’s first financial clearinghouse for connected vehicles. Our platform converts vehicle data into financial transactions and manages the clearing and the financial reporting throughout the ecosystem. provides attorneys with the tools they need to grow a sustainable practice helping underserved communities. Our first feature is a directory that connects low- and modest-means people with attorneys who are committed to scaling their fees based on ability to pay. was born out of the Robin Hood Foundation’s social impact incubator, Blue Ridge Labs.

Cubic is designing a network of elegant, connected, modular streetscape kiosks that provide secure bike parking, and other amenities. Our Pods are designed with sophisticated Lego-like components that allow them to fit in harmoniously with any urban environment. Our Pods will be paired with a versatile app, which will offer subscription services, and service bundles featuring bike insurance and repair packages.

Dagmy Motors is making advanced electric vehicles affordable. Our technology hits major marks in an Electric Vehicle application: a 0-60mph time under 3.65 seconds, a top speed over 145mph, and a range of over 350 miles per charge – all in a vehicle priced under $50,000.

Edquity is Learnvest meets Mint for college, the first of its kind college financial planning app for high school and college students that guides students through the necessary and complicated financial steps from high school through college to realize a positive college return on investment.

Food Moves is a marketplace for mobile food vendors (Food Trucks, Farmers’ Markets, and Food Stands) and consumers. Food Moves helps users find vendors in real-time and discover new vendors around them. We also provide tools and services to our vendors that help connect them with consumers more efficiently and provide them data gathered from the community to help them make better decisions.

Hi Commerce is a smart chat that connects Customers to Local Shops in NYC.  We are firm believers in the power of independent businesses and a well-knit community, so we have decided to fight back and help local shops compete against Amazon.

Joinery is transforming the way people find their next home in large cities. It’s an affordable, community-driven alternative to the current system of rental brokerage. Joinery is a peer-to-peer platform on which renters find homes from one another, instead of brokers. This saves rent-burdened city-dwellers thousands of dollars, and helps them find a home months in advance. is a non-profit that supports tenants in neglectful housing situations with technology that helps them build well-documented cases and connect with community and legal advocates.

LEVEL is an engineering company that advises cities on how to improve the inadequate infrastructure that plagues rapidly urbanizing cities in developing countries. We specialize in sustainable design and community based planning principles appropriate in the developing world.

Maude is here to change the sex industry. Founded by three women in New York City, we exist to make sex simple. We believe in transparency, quality, and speaking to adults like adults.

Maxwell empowers mortgage professionals to be more connected, productive and successful by intelligently automating their workflow with homebuyers and realtors. We aim to enhance relationships between loan officers and their customers through online collaboration, and empower productivity using machine learning. Maxwell keeps everyone in the transaction in tune, so the focus isn’t the paperwork, it’s the place to call home.

Meadowlark is a relationship-driven debt collection agency that helps lenders reduce risk and consumers save money. Our approach leverages cutting-edge research on the financial decision-making of people in debt, allowing us to build trust through periodic connections so that we can effectively negotiate a settlement when the time is right.

Medumo is a digital health startup that helps care providers deliver the right instructions to the right patients at the right time. Its mission is to decrease avoidable costs, improve procedural outcome, and reduce complications through smarter patient engagement. 

Memory Lane is a voice activated application for Amazon Alexa designed to engage the mind and activate memories of the past using historic audio clips.

Re-Nuble converts waste into technologies in order to discover natural ways to make food more productive. We use a capital light, patent pending process to transform vegetative/food waste into non-toxic, liquid hydroponic nutrients that help boost hydroponic yields at a fraction of the cost of chemically based alternatives. Our proprietary process enabled by technology allows us to convert food waste into a cheaper, highly sterile and stable, organic-based liquid fertilizer for the indoor agriculture industry.

Reefill provides a low cost, eco-friendly alternative to bottled water through a network of tap water stations in urban areas where members can fill their reusable bottles when they are on the go. Stations are located in local businesses, such as coffee shops and bakeries. Using the Reefill app (available for iOS and Android), members find the nearest station, unlock it using their phone’s Bluetooth, and fill their bottle with cold, filtered tap water in seconds while seamlessly tracking hydration and the amount of money and plastic bottles saved.

RISE is a green startup that upcycles spent barley from microbreweries into flour for bakers. We produce a sustainable, organic, high-protein, nutritious and inexpensive alternative flour that has a wide range of applications – from cookies to pasta!

RoadwareZ produces a digital IoT SmartVest and App for cyclists. Four years ago, when traveling in South America, RoadwareZ Technologies founder Yeshaya Krispin witnessed a fatal cycling accident. He was determined to utilize his fashion and apparel background, and passion for technology, to try and solve this large problem. (In the U.S. in 2013, there were 743 cyclists killed, and cycling injuries have climbed 26 percent during the period of 2012 to 2015).

SimpliFi is an innovative fintech startup that aims to be the go-to resource for millions of student loan borrowers—giving them the confidence of knowing they’re on the best path to becoming debt free.

SolarKal is building the first nation-wide network of solar energy brokers connecting solar installers and owners of commercial & industrial buildings.

StellarEmploy is similar to a marketplace for jobs, but instead of connecting people to jobs based on keywords, we connect people to jobs based on their preferences and skillsets and a proprietary algorithm. Employees that we’ve placed enjoy the job more, perform 10% better, and stay 20% longer.

Thread Learning builds a data collection, analysis and coordinated care platform for autism education and clinical care. Teachers save hours each week in hated paperwork. Managers save hours a day in training and quality assurance. Parents receive automatic updates on their child’s progress and schools get help meeting IEP regulatory requirements.

Totali, Inc markets the Totally Pregnant mobile app in the US and owns all the rights to the IP. The company is building engaging healthcare mobile apps to provide deep patient engagement, improved health outcomes, and reduced costs.

TriviaNote is the first AI-backed study platform to save students time by automatically creating study tools in a social learning environment.

Venture Smarter is moving the Smart Cities conversation forward and supporting innovations that benefit our communities. Decision makers in small to medium size cities often times feel left out and disabled by the lack of access to resources and smart data. We have realized the need for a cohesive system to allow private and public stakeholders access to real-time data and project planning tools for smart cities solutions. We are developing an agile platform to encourage and enable smart action focused on the four pillars of livable and workable Smart Cities: connectivity, mobility, security, and sustainability.

versityU is a prep platform that uses cognitive and data sciences with a proprietary algorithm and artificial intelligence “Becky,” to drive a personalized experience that helps students plan, prepare for, and then pass their boards exams the first time. This method assists in the successful credentialing of students and professionals preparing for their medical board certification exams.

Votebox is building the future of Internet Voting. Our mission: making your voter’s life easy.

Zera is an AI platform that offers an oversimplified way to search for your next apartment. Through its behavioral learning, Zera provides you with perfect apartment matches, and educates you on local businesses in the surrounding area.


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