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1776 Members are transforming some of the most highly regulated industries by introducing new, scalable solutions to global markets. Startups from around the world are tackling problems that range from education to healthcare to transportation. Learn more about our 500+ active members below.

  • is a tools-based admissions social network designed to assist applicants with the college planning and admissions process. At no cost to the applicant, provides a direct connection to other applicants, current students, alumni experts, colleges, and other key admissions stakeholders. The platform is designed to level the college admissions playing field by providing structure to one of the most meaningful, competitive, stressful, and misunderstood processes encountered by students.

  • Empower your staff with the power of data. Quickly determine areas where students are falling behind or trends in behavioral incidents in a few clicks. Track, evaluate and manage all facets of student learning with the Always Prepped Dashboard.

  • Artsii’s mission is to build and enhance arts programming within communities through facilitating relationships, educating schools and arts advocates, and harnessing the good will of the local community.

  • Ataata is an interactive awareness training platform that finally gives employees a reason to care about security.  A creative-tech company, Ataata lowers the likelihood of human error-related security breaches by attacking indifference and fostering an enduring security conscious culture with awareness campaigns: captivating videos through an affordable, scalable and dynamic interactive platform.

  • Chalk It App is a teacher-friendly, classroom management and family engagement system that allows teachers to combine behavior management and video-based communication into one portal, so they can generate and submit individualized student reports to each and every student’s parents and guardians via our free mobile app. Our mission is simple: we bridge the communication gap between a teacher’s classroom and his or her students’ homes.

  • CollegeAppz is an online platform that provides high-school students with a user friendly, detail rich step-by-step through the US college admissions process. Early adopters are international and U.S. community groups, education companies, and schools that have limited resources to develop a powerful technology tool.

  • CollegeNode is a platform that helps high school students from abroad better access to information related to colleges and universities in America.

  • CollegeSnapps is a mobile communication platform that places an advisor in the hands of every high school and college student in order to help them navigate the path to and through college. Built by educators, CollegeSnapps’ smartphone app provides students with crucial information exactly when they need it, and at the touch of a button connects them with their academic advisor or school counselor so help is always at their fingertips. CollegeSnapps’ interactive dashboard is also changing the game for support professionals who can monitor student activity on the app in real time, efficiently message students and quickly identify which of their students need help.

  • CommonLit is a free digital collection of fiction and nonfiction for classrooms.

  • CoreoRama is a unique platform designed for both teachers and students and provides a modern and engaging online classroom of tomorrow.

  • Oracle DBA Training and MS SQL Server DBA Training classes with lab work and course materials.

  • Degree Prospects has been creating online information resources in higher education since 2008, helping millions of visitors per year learn about their educational and career options, and partnering with leading universities such as Georgetown University, University of Texas, and Arizona State.

  • Company: Edbacker
    Headquarters: Washington, DC

  • EdClub is the provider of online educational software for K-12. Our flagship product is TypingClub, a keyboarding software with over 3 million users in the US and around the world.

  • EdFundr is the first personalized alumni donation platform. (Re)connect with the college causes that you have a personal experience with, choose your favorites to see what they’re up to, provide support and see how your gift impacts students and the world. Giving back never felt this good.

  • Company: eduCanon
    Headquarters: Washington, DC

  • Committed to enhance the world of scientific publishing, and bridge the gap between academia and industry.

  • Emerging Rule PBC emphasizes in the creation of systems, programs, and/or platforms that subsidize social, economic, or political growth. The conglomerate assists international organizations with extensive jurisdiction in the guidance of inclusive systems. Specialized in developing education technology, the organization’s focus is to prepare future generations to manage foreseen collective trends.

  • Entrada ESL creates upward mobility for low-income immigrants, improves the public perception of businesses, and is financially lucrative. We enable new Americans to integrate into American culture, primarily by learning English during working hours, on the job.

  • Era Metrics developed Writing Point to address our country’s writing proficiency problem head on. We truly believe our software can improve teachers’ ability to address students’ need to communicate effectively.

  • New social initiative to empower Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics for all persons with disabilities.

  • GraphLock is an application that turns a student’s device into a fully functioning scientific and graphing calculator. The calculator is simple to use, yet powerful and has a one of a kind Lockdown Mode making it ideal for use in the classroom and on exams!

  • HomeworkXpress is a dynamic and full service education service and multifaceted social learning network for K-12 Students

  • Inteo, short for interactive education online, is a platform for learning that will revolutionize the education industry. The platform unleashes the potential of students, teachers, and schools by adapting to learning patterns and encouraging progress. We provide a learning environment, rich with tools, to consume content and a powerful teacher profile to aid students because we believe that a blend of autonomous and instructed learning is the key to success.

  • International Judicial Exchange Center is established to provide high quality internship and training programs for Chinese university students and young professionals. It is now exploring online education/certification programs and building an online platform for expert/professional exchange.

  • KickUp is a combined software and service solution designed to help educators collaborate effectively for their professional growth. KickUp works with schools, districts, charters networks, states, and training organizations to provide premium mentoring to high-needs teachers and allow educators to earn continuing education credits for seeking and providing quality support.

  • Koantum’s interactive science lessons are designed for early learners, helping introduce elementary school students to science. Our point-and-click classroom is fully interactive, with self-guided lesson plans that make learning fun and exciting for kids.

  • LEAF College Savings is the leading SaaS, employee benefit ​marketplace for 529 tax-advantaged college savings plans.

    LEAF allows employees to choose from each unique 529 plan while making it simple for the employer to provide payroll deduction, including matching to employees – analogous to the over 80 million corporate 401Ks though for college savings.

  • We are a Learning Platform to serve individually customized, on-demand information about brands via gamified mobile application.

  • Live It is a web and app-based platform that aims to increase student engagement in colleges and universities. Through Live It, students have the ability discover on- and off-campus events, experiences, and interests recommended by fellow students. Our student-driven content also serves to provide in-depth knowledge on how to take full advantage of an experience. Live It’s initiative serves to improve overall student outcomes both inside and outside the classroom.

  • MajorClarity helps students find the right path through quick, easy, yet immersive exploration. Our online platform allows students to assess and analyze their personality, match with careers or disciplines, and explore disciplines by hearing from professionals and completing online activities.

  • The Mentor Method provides curated mentor matches, connecting ambitious millennial women who are the next generation of leaders with Washington, DC’s change-making mentors at the top of their game.

  • Mentor.Space is an online platform for university career mentorship communities. Combining the interactivity of a social network, the structure of a MOOC, and the efficiency of our proprietary matching algorithm, Mentor.Space makes mentorship management accessible and sustainable for programs and organizations of all shapes and sizes. We deliver a seamless experience that cuts through geographical and logistical barriers to generate the greatest value for the mentee and the most rewarding experience for the mentor.



  • Moxit provides early childhood education management for the modern age.

  • Company: MPOWER Financing
    Headquarters: Washington, DC

  • Mully Lingua provides kids the opportunity to experience and learn foreign languages and about cultures from individuals and organizations within local communities. We harness the power of community to provide young people authentic learning experiences and an introduction to different cultures and languages via many of the activities they enjoy or are interested in.

  • Our goal is to help make learning more user friendly for the 21st century student.

    By “Making Smarter Possible & Desirable” we’re truly helping post Millennial students realize their promise & tap into their potential.

  • Netcito enables entrepreneurs to realize the full potential of their businesses by connecting them to a community of peers that shares insights, experiences, and resources. Netcito members meet monthly to share challenges and ideas, hold one other accountable to goals, and share lessons learned through their own experiences. By taking time to connect with other entrepreneurs and focus on strategic issues, members gain insights that can have a transformational impact on their businesses and lives.

  • The Niyo Park show is about six multi colored furry animal friends who all come together to play in “Niyo Park” and learn about numbers, letters, shapes, colors, nature and values.

  • NumbersAlive!® presents numbers as fun and friendly characters who uncover numeric patterns embedded in everything in life throughout the world: in art, science, architecture, sports, nature, culture, and folklore. Our playful numbers come alive through their own storytelling, captivating children into learning in every discipline. They are touchable in the form of soft plush numbers and also enchant children through their books and games, even interacting digitally on tablets. NumbersAlive! packages this creative, universal learning concept in two brands: (1) Team Ten® – for numbers 0-9; and (2) STEM Squad® – for higher level math and science concepts led by π.

  • Odigia is building a better, more affordable learning platform for people all over the world by solving traditional challenges faced by students, teachers, and content creators.

  • The Peace and Collaborative Development Network (PCDN) is one of the leading online networks connecting the global social change community. PCDN is a rapidly growing social enterprise that gathers over 34,000 professionals, organizations and students engaged in development, peace, conflict resolution, gender, social entrepreneurship and related fields. We offer a one stop shop to inspire, connect, inform and provide the tools and resources to scale social change.

  • Digital permission slips, forms, and payment collection for K-12 schools.

  • Plickers is a powerfully simple tool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices.

  • Prepmagic helps connect abstract STEM concepts to real world experiences and create custom interactive lessons with live assessments in both virtual and live classroom settings.

  • PrepFactory provides high-quality standardized test preparation videos from the best instructors in America. For free. Test takers can watch videos online and, if needed, get personalized instruction from a competitive marketplace of user-rated tutors and application coaches available on-demand 24 hours a day. Our mission is to help the more than 4,000,000 people who take standardized tests annually study more effectively and efficiently in a way that fits their schedule and budget.

  • Rock Paper Books is an independent publisher dedicated to printing classic books with modern style.

  • SavingsSquirrel is a tablet and phone allowance app that helps parents teach their kids about money. Kids learn financial literacy by investing or donating their allowance to social causes. The heart of SavingsSquirrel is connecting kids with other kids to crowdfund projects with charities and social organizations. We do good in the world, one allowance at a time!

  • Keeping students safe to learn; help educators prepare, protect, prevent, mitigate, respond, and recover from crisis incidents.

  • SkillSmart’s mission is to create a smarter, more qualified workforce to benefit employers looking to fill open positions and candidates looking for employment. A unique platform that provides a single source of connectivity between employers, job seekers and educators, SkillSmart creates economic opportunity by matching job seekers to jobs based on skills and connecting job seekers to training opportunities to develop needed skills to become better qualified for the position.

  • SmarterVote is an eHarmony for voters. By answering a few questions we can help voters understand which candidates they align with on all levels of politics. Armed with that information we hope to increase citizen engagement and electoral participation. In turn, we become an invaluable source of voter opinion for candidates, political organizations and media outlets.

  • The S.O.C. is a web-based platform which helps universities connect their students to over 10,000 of the most relevant student events, student publications, and experiential learning opportunities.

    There are more recent grads than ever entering an increasingly competitive job market. Just getting a degree isn’t enough anymore. This means extra-curricular engagement is more important than it has ever been. Our mission is to modernize the way Universities connect their students to resources that help them stand out from the crowd.

    The SOC was launched August 2014; and currently serves 16 universities around the country, including Clemson University, University of Louisiana, and Florida State University.

  • The Educators’ Lab aims to support the many visionary educators working within our school systems who are helping to improve teaching and learning.

  • We develop educational technology for non-native anglophones with a special emphasis on Deaf and/or Hispanic learners. For years these communities have adapted learning strategies to be able to teach high-level concepts without depending on synchronous English fluency. Multilingual support resources, however, have not yet been made widely available, requiring additional teaching responsibilities for educators; we intend to fill this gap.

  • WealthyLife edtech games teach students financial literacy and workforce development.

  • It’s our goal that every device touched by a child have books for them to read and for our platform to turn screen-time into “us time” – encouraging all to read and play with family and friends.

  • WordBrewery immerses you in 17 languages by pulling real and recent sentences from news sites across the globe. You decide what you want to read about-news, culture, business, tech, or sports—and you decide how challenging you want your sentences to be.

  • Xceptional Technical Solution provides high-quality online courses and certifications such as PMP, SCRUM, ITIL, Six Sigma and SAP.

  • Zoobean helps families discover children’s books and apps at home or at their local library. Their latest service, Beanstack, helps to increase library use and reach new cardholders while building early literacy.

  • The Agricity team is committed to building healthier, more sustainable, and more productive cities. Their first project, a pioneering organics collection service called Compost Cab, makes it easy for people and organizations to compost in the city.

  • Arcadia Power makes clean energy simple and accessible for anyone that pays a utility bill. As the first nationwide clean energy utility option for individuals and small businesses, we provide customers 100% pollution-free energy via a customer’s local utility. No panels, no hassle, no huge upfront cost. Arcadia Power has customers in all 50 states and is a proud B-Corp.

  • Company: Aquicore
    Headquarters: Washington, DC

  • BasinBoard is a competitive water rights marketplace that connects municipalities with water rights holders in their respective regions.

  • Improve your corporate responsibility by decreasing the impacts through our climate & energy advisory services.

  • Emmer & Co. is rebuilding a bond with honest food by raising American Poultry Association certified standard bred chickens that develop naturally, focusing on fair farming contracts, and employing the highest welfare standards possible.

  • Empowerment Solar’s mission is to foster energy independence and economic prosperity for individuals and business owners across the Middle East and North Africa by supplying affordable and easy access to reliable, clean, distributed solar electricity.

  • At Energy House, we strive to bring to our clients the most innovative products in the energy efficiency field. We test in our showroom or our own homes every piece of equipment, devise or system prior to us incorporating it into the upgraded design of our customer’s properties.

  • GenZ Technology develops precision spray equipment that provides superior crop coverage while virtually eliminating air and soil pollution. GenZ is set on revolutionizing pesticide spray technology by engineering more efficient, cost effective, eco-friendly spraying equipment.

  • Greenease is a mobile app that connects consumers to restaurants, cafes and grocers that buy from local and/or sustainable sources.

  • Every home should be a safe and welcoming place. Haven makes it easy to create a healthy, comfortable and more valuable home. Through a mix of technology and home services Haven is redefining the home experience.

  • ISI Technology has invented the Heatworks MODEL 1, the first fully electronic digital tankless water heater. The MODEL 1 produces instant, endless hot water while providing up to 40% energy savings and 10% water savings.

  • Kinetic Analysis Corporation is a leader in multi-model impact forecasting and risk assessment for catastrophic events. Based on a pioneering approach that uses best-available science, Kinetic Analysis produces accurate, site-specific assessments of the potential impact of natural hazards and resulting loss for events around the globe. With information products from Kinetic Analysis, clients make better informed decisions to protect lives and reduce loss to property and investments.

  • We are a community of scientists, software developers, and lovers of open environmental data. Together, we are building an open, real-time database that provides programmatic and historical access to air quality data.

  • Pluvr is a technology-based logistics company focused on composting organic material generated by urban commercial operators.

  • PSDR Industries, LLC is a water technology company that provides innovative solutions for the global water supply and safety market through our patented vacuum diffusion technology system, the ProteKtor.

  • RE.BIN creates recyclable waste bins made out of recycled materials. Taking the form of a brown paper bag, RE.BIN symbolizes a broader societal commitment to reducing waste by reusing what we already have.

  • Solar Engine is a value-added services platform for solar installers providing financing, leads, and design.

  • Ulozi motors is a luxury electric car brand that sells multiple products from a zero carbon mobile retail outlet. The company is committed to selling the greenest vehicles in the world.

  • Viva Green Homes is a Internet-based start-up company founded by Kari Klaus, who wanted to use her experience as a real estate agent and background in sustainable development to help grow the market for eco-friendly homes. is the first and only site focused on marketing the eco features of any home nationwide, from those with highly respected third-party certifications to those with eco features ranging anywhere from solar panels to drought-tolerant landscaping and everything in between. The company is mentioned for its tactics to combat greenwashing by making it clear what features a home has, as well as other innovative techniques such as scoring homes and verifying some eco claims about homes.

  • The Wedgemere Group is a Washington, D.C.-based firm specializing in efforts focused on the transformation and modernization of the electricity sector, including how it addresses climate change mitigation and resilience.

  • 38 North Solutions is a boutique consulting firm that provides a suite of business strategy, communications, and public policy services to innovative businesses and organizations. Based on our firm’s expertise and deep experience in clean energy, entrepreneurship, environment, sustainability, technology, and venture capital, we help our clients navigate and communicate about market and policy challenges and opportunities.

  • Advancing Synergy’s technology-based solutions address the needs to better coordinate cancer prevention, treatment and care.

  • Healthcare is transitioning from a reactive, acute encounter-based care to a more proactive approach, centered on managing care over time. Aida provides the platform and tools to help practices transition to this new model. We partner with care teams at leading medical institutions to deliver a superior, user-centric experience and enable seamless collaboration with anyone, anywhere.

  • The American College of Cardiology (ACC) is a medical society dedicated to transforming cardiovascular care and improving heart health through education, research, quality care and health policy. Through its partnership with 1776, the ACC is engaged in an ongoing, bi-directional exchange of innovative ideas related to education and health care.

  • Angles seeks to improve efficiency within systems that rely on human input. We want to help healthcare providers improve their self-audit processes through innovative technology.

  • APOPO is a social enterprise that trains African Giant Rats to save lives using their incredibly strong sense of smell. APOPO implements its HeroRATS as a highly cost effective solution to clear landmines and detect Tuberculosis in Africa and Asia. To date APOP has helped free over 16 million square kilometers of contaminated land and screened over 250,000 people for Tuberculosis on relatively modest budgets. APOPO US is a soon to be 501c3 organization whose goal is to connect the US Public and funding organizations with APOPO’s life saving work. APOPO US will also coordinate research projects on US based HeroRAT applications, including early stage cancer and explosives detection.

  • Company: Babyscripts
    Headquarters: Washington, DC

  • At Cyber Timez we are firm believers in and driven by our motto “Always in the service of others.” We focus on automating the Internet of Things using wearable devices like smart glasses and watches. Our driving force is to develop products that make a real difference in real peoples’ lives. Most of our products start their life in the Accessibility space solving problems for those with the most challenges in everyday life and quickly find other commercial market verticals.

  • DailyHealth, a digital health media startup, focuses on improving health and wellness. We deliver the best news and tips from reputable trusted sources on health and wellness, fitness, nutrition, healthy recipes, and more to your inbox. DailyHealth aims to educate, motivate, and empower you to make smarter choices for a healthier and happy life.

  • Company: Dorsata
    Headquarters: Washington, DC

  • eMedical Passport is a patient centric mobile telehealth SaaS solution that provides cost savings to health care systems by reducing the penalty for hospital re-admissions while improving the quality of life for patients with chronic diseases and other illnesses.

  • FitRec is a new social fitness experience platform on which you can build your own personal fitness community from the world around you.

  • Future Life is developing software that will revolutionize the way mental health professionals interact with their patients. It combines secure video conferencing, automatic facial emotion tracking and analysis, and a secure database of patient history and session notes within one package that will dramatically increase the quality of patient care.

  • GHIMBA is a full-service health information technology firm focused on partnering with healthcare providers to enhance patient care, communication & practice efficiency.

  • Register to donate blood stem cells and join the fight against cancer and sickle cell anemia.

  • Heudia provides a culturally competent solution that increases access to care for vulnerable populations while reducing avoidable health care expenses paid by hospitals, health systems, and insurance providers. We target the unique needs of lower literacy, limited English proficient, and minority populations that are left un-served by current methods because the lack of primary care and income equality directly impacts their health and productivity while increasing costs for other health consumers.

    Our solution provides a novel mobile technology platform that serves as a catalyst to create and strengthen partnerships between Hospitals, Health Centers, and Medicaid Health Plans. It then enables physicians, health professionals, and family caregivers the ability to navigate/refer patients to the most appropriate centers of care and find the social support patients need to regain their health. Our platform can be easily integrated with other types of digital health technologies, including; care coordination software, data/analytical tools, and mobile health applications to make EMR/EHR systems more meaningful.

  • Hipmed focuses on efforts developing software and new diagnostic techniques to allow the technology in commodity smartphones to assist in diagnosing a patient, anywhere in the world.

  • Human Performance Integrated Systems was born from the need to provide teams, sports coaches, sports-medicine doctors, physical therapists and health data scientists with a better way tool to manage all aspects related to the health and performance of their athletes.

  • Have you ever left your doctor’s office and thought, “Wait, what am I supposed to do again?” At Infield Health, we put your entire care plan on your mobile phone. From pre-op instructions, to complex video around physical therapy, to chemotherapy plans. It’s all on your phone so you’ll get better, faster.

  • as currently constructed is a minimal viable product that allows dog owners to store health data and schedule to-dos. But our vision extends beyond this and is multi-faceted.

    The primary facet involves developing easily accessible applications that help dog owners maintain pet health, by allowing them to make inform decisions on actionable health data. Secondarily, tracks healthy trends/activities and enables dog owners to meet up other with other dog owners in their area.

  • Kiss The Sky is committed to creating yoga lifestyle products that free your mind, inspire your body, and ease the environmental burden we place on our planet.

  • We provide access to psychotherapists through video, voice, and chat via our mobile app.

  • Light Imaging Technologies primarily operates in the In Vivo Diagnostics business / industry within the Chemicals and Allied Products sector.

  • Linked Senior is a cloud based dementia engagement software used by assisted living communities and nursing homes to increases the quality of life of people living with dementia such as Alzheimer’s. Sold to the nursing home, it is used by family and staff to engage seniors to manage behaviors and reduce the use of anti psychotic drugs. Therapeutic and stimulating content include cognitive games, brain fitness, music therapy, reminiscing tools and other interventions.

  • Local Patient is an innovative marketing software platform and lead generation program that provides medical practices with a proprietary, real-time ability to monitor the ongoing success and return on investment for all marketing programs. Developed initially for a dental practice, Local Patient is now expanding to the general medical industry.

  • Maya Health Network has created a mobile application for physicians in emerging markets that allows them to easily and securely capture, analyze and communicate patient data. The Maya app provides a solution for electronic medical management in countries where nearly every doctor carries a smartphone and the majority of internet traffic is mobile. Through its app, Maya provides an EMR-lite for developing countries and is helping to lay the tracks for the onrushing locomotive that is revolutionizing healthcare for billions in the developing world.

  • Our vision is to bring clincal-quality healthcare for metabolic syndrome and obesity into your home.

  • MobiDox is a web based application that will connect patient’s to their EHR vendors, importing, categorizing and visualizing their data. Our application also allows patients to track symptoms, medications, and side effects and complete diaries and questionnaires to track disease progression and medication compliance.
    For the FDA and pharmaceutical companies our solution will provide de-identified patient level data mined from EHR systems. We can even categorize by disease symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and adverse events. This will provide more actionable insight in regards to drug safety and surveillance from clinical trials to post marketing. With MobiDox, we will better connect the producers and consumers of health data.

  • Researchers at Mobile Sleep Technologies have developed the Sleep Smart Alarm Clock, an app that helps improves your cognitive and physical well-being by normalizing your sleep cycles.

  • Monochrome Man provides families affected by Blue Cone Monochromacy (BCM) services to cope with the condition and live to their fullest promises. Monochrome Man leads therapy development for BCM that would offer better visions and greater independence. Monochrome Man empowers BCM families to build an effective, accountable patient organization that can serve as an innovative blueprint for patient advocacy

  • OpenBeds streamlines patient transfers between healthcare institutions by providing institution-specific bed availability, data aggregation and analytics, and two-way communication between providers.

  • Open Cancer Network, Inc. operates as as data platform that provides advanced multi-dimensional data sets for identification of unusual patterns causing chronic diseases such as cancer. The company’s product collects non-clinical data such as lifestyle, diet, lifetime exposures to toxins and stressors and offers bio-medical research for developing the cure for chronic diseases.

  • Optimantra provides a practice & patient management platform for the wellness and healthcare providers to help manage and grow their practice. The practice management software provides electronic medical records (EMR), scheduling, billing and access to research data. The patient management portal provides the patients with access to medical records and providers.

  • Origent reduces drug development risk through better foresight. Our software and predictive analytics platform empower users to translate their data into the future, using sophisticated statistical models to better understand and predict disease behavior for individual patients. Origent helps biotechs and pharmaceuticals companies manage their drug candidate portfolios, reduce development costs and risks, and improve the success rates of their clinical trials. We are particularly dedicated to helping accelerate the creation of cures and new therapies for neurological and neuromuscular diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and ALS.

  • Paubox is a cloud based SaaS solution that provides seamless email encryption and file sharing. Unlike other email encryption services, Paubox automatically encrypts each email as it is sent without extra steps. Users just write and send email as normal from their desktop or mobile device and Paubox does the rest.

  • psych.E is a mobile-based platform that provides resources for the vast numbers of adolescents coping with mental illness using the modes of communication that young people are most comfortable with: visual and social media. Our system utilizes innovative video content, state of the art treatment tracking, and anonymized benchmarking with similar kids getting similar treatments.

  • PXYM is a life-sciences startup, developing a bio-therapeutic platform to arrest and prevent chronic diseases. The company was co-founded by Dartmouth College professors and owns IP on the bio-therapeutic platform currently in the preclinical phase of development.

  • At QIP Solutions, we are changing the paradigm that compliance in the healthcare industry must be complex, inefficient, and expensive. Our versatile and extensible Software as a Solution quickly and efficiently allows organizations to meet any compliance or certification goal; from HIPAA and HITECH compliance to Patient Centered Medical Home certification and beyond.

  • Rebel Desk designs and sells treadmill desks and adjustable-height desks so you can rise up against the sitting culture. We are sitting more than ever (9 hours a day on average) and it is expanding our waistlines, dampening our moods, and shortening our lives. With Rebel Desk, you can walk slowly or stand while you work. Imagine feeling productive, healthy and energetic at your desk! The Rebel Desk is sleek, quiet, and loaded with functional and convenient features. At Rebel Desk, we’re passionate about delivering one message: Sitting sucks. Stand up. Live better. Get a Rebel Desk.

  • Like online dating, we help to match people who have similar illnesses, backgrounds, interests and beliefs to each other for one-on-one peer support.

  • We’re about global brain diversity, apps for wearable neurotech, and neuro diagnostics.

  • SEED Protocol delivers a quantum leap in control and security, defending against both external hackers and IT staff.

  • Senior65 develops tools to help seniors easily navigate Medicare and Medicare Insurance online. Over 10,000 seniors turn 65 each day and the majority of them will purchase some sort of additional Medicare insurance. Launched in 2014 at 1776, Senior65 has turned historically paper-based and confusing process into a simple 3 step system which includes a price-transparent insurance marketplace where users can quickly quote and purchase their coverage online.

  • Solvera plays a key role in using IT to improve patient care and reduce operating costs in the healthcare sector.

  • Sportzpeak (SZP) is a digital health company that unlocks health data to help people exercise smarter and safer.

  • Transfer Health provides a web application for patients to aggregate their health information, analyze it and provide it to their doctor as a report with their risk for chronic disease.

  • Vital Labs is venture-backed seed stage company led by experienced entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals focused on patient-driven innovation.

  • Wise is a wellness company that provides performance, fitness and nutritional solutions for individuals over 50 years old.  We hope to establish free-standing gyms; partner with property developers focused on our age market; work with cities to design engaging public space; and develop a series of products to sell directly to consumers. All our work recognizes and celebrates the changing physical and emotional needs of active agers.

  • 2Gether-International is a network of young disabled leaders worldwide.

  • Our mission is to make travel faster, better, more efficient — an experience to be relished, not resented. And we pursue that mission by combining smart process design with leading edge technology to create mobile solutions that travel with travelers.
  • We utilize an innovative applied system solution that drastically reduces auto repair costs for our members by performing diagnostics to get accurate readings, parts research, and sourcing out expected labor time.

  • For college students, we believe biking is the easiest way to get around — except of course for hills, upfront cost, theft risk, and lack of access to good bikes.  So Baas Bikes is on a mission to solve all that.  We are a technology platform that partners with bike companies to lease bikes to students in volume.  We provide secure pods to protect against theft, insure bikes for peace of mind, equip them with electric assist wheels for hills, and even enable automated renting so your bike can be making money for you when you aren’t riding it.  All access to the bikes and payment is done seamlessly via our app.

    We are a Washington, DC headquartered startup and will be rolling out our platform to nearby universities in the 2015/16 academic year.

  • CAR:GO is a quick, efficient way to get from A to B in Belgrade without the hassle of the bus, hailing a taxi, or circling for hours to park.

  • Clear Skies helps fleet owners convert vehicles to clean inexpensive alternative fuels at no upfront cost.

  • Digital Valet provides an end-to-end customized solution for residential valet parking management.

  • Getaround is an online car sharing or peer-to-peer car-sharing service that allows drivers to rent cars from private car owners, and owners to rent out their cars for payment.

  • Hitch is the only DC-based Payment Service Provider (PSP) for taxis in the DC metro area. We provide DC residents and visitors with the fastest and easiest way for pay for taxi fares with credit cards. With over 2000 drivers, Hitch is also the largest PSP in DC.

  • LNDR rents cars to individuals that drive on ridesharing platforms. Our goal is to make renting a car for ridesharing as quick and simple as renting a car at an airport.

  • ParkJa is developing an EZPass for parking. It is a high-technology startup that makes curbside parking easy for drivers in big cities through a GPS-enabled device that automatically processes payments and controls parking time.

  • Next-generation, high-performance, satellite navigation.

  • RevdApp is the best way to connect, express and discover everything about cars from luxury to classic and everything in-between.

  • RideAmigos is a transport demand management (TDM) solution, and a national leader of web-based, multi-modal transportation solutions, providing regional commuter networks, multi-modal travel dashboards, survey administration/analytic tools, trip trackers, reward systems, and GIS reporting dashboards. It is currently being used by 100+ organisations like Hulu, Viacom, Fidelity, cities like Denver and Toronto and states such as Utah and California.

  • Company: RideScout
    Headquarters: Austin, TX

    Acquired by Daimler in 2014

  • Road Warrior is creating optimized driving routes for small businesses and independent mobile professionals.

  • Shift is the easiest way for people to buy and sell used cars in the peer-to-peer market. Our knowledgeable Car Enthusiasts act as a personal, full-service concierge helping throughout each and every step of the selling or buying process.

  • ShipLync is a web-based business platform for the logistics and trading industry. Core focuses are on logistics quotes, CCIC loading photos, e-marketing and contact management.

  • TransitScreen is a transportation software and digital signage company and a pioneer in providing real-time transit information displays. The TransitScreen service is a live, real-time display of all transportation options at a specific location (including subway, bus, train, bikeshare, and carshare). Founded in 2012, TransitScreen makes transit information more accessible, viewable and engaging so that commuters, visitors, residents and employees can make informed transit decisions.

  • AreaProbe synthesizes real estate and infrastructure development data to enable users to visually analyze the characteristics and future growth of urban neighborhoods.

  • Ariva provides relocation services within the Greater Washington, D.C. area. Ariva’s support network allows customers to find the right schools, the best healthcare, furniture for their homes and all necessary government related documents.

  • Handcrafted, curated and designed bouquets for any occasion. Perfect for birthdays, rough days and summer days.

  • Brave New World is a democracy technology start-up aiming to mobilize Millennials in their communities in new and exciting ways through a simple mobile platform to participate (P2). P2 is our first app, the goal is to reduce the complexity and duplicity of social movements.

  • Brigade is a technology company founded in 2014 with the goal of reenergizing public participation in our democracy. Brigade is for expressing yourself, learning about your friends and finding common ground—together. It’s for making sure your voice is heard and your actions are meaningful.

  • provides Web browser-based tools for creating, personalizing, and proofing mailpieces and for acquiring, building, and managing mailing lists. Our system virtually eliminates the need for sorting, labeling, applying postage, and transport to a post office and does it for not much more than the cost of postage alone. In short, mail made easy.

  • CommunityLogiq is an analytics and mapping tool for cities to gain rapid insights for planning purposes. Our passion is creating easy and affordable cloud-based solutions for government to solve day to day problems. Our team brings together many years of diverse experience in government, software development, data analytics and technology startups.

  • Today’s real estate industry demands actionable property & market data in real time. Create delivers the intelligence that professionals need to capitalize on market opportunities and stay ahead of the competition. Create brings together research, analysis, and project management to improve efficiency across project teams and fuel economic development.

  • Software and services that enable a 21st century, mobile-first, distributed workforce to synchronize around training, operational readiness, and daily workflows.

  • Promoting data scientists and their work in the national capital region through high quality events.

  • We can help you advocate to change a public policy that you care about. We can craft a strategy, help you write letters, draft op-eds, set up meetings with lawmakers, write a comment for a regulator or anything else you need to advocate for your cause.

  • We believe in working towards the goal of eliminating extreme poverty, championing human rights, promoting sustainable development and creating a global middle class among the poorest and least-developed nations, especially in Africa.

  • FarmRaiser provides a new way to organize and support student-led fundraisers by connecting local farmers and food artisans to schools and civic groups raising money for important causes, turning energetic students into advocates for eating healthy, local food.

  • Fugue simplifies the management of dynamic, distributed systems in the cloud. Fugue fully automates cloud deployment and operations to provide control, reliability, and resilience.

  • Gambay is a mobile app that allows you to order a meal and pay for it at a food truck, deli, restaurant, bar, or venue.

  • Global Voice Hall is a web-based media production startup based in our nation’s capital. We were built to provide a platform for open, clear and relevant discussions on issues that matter to the 18-30 age group.

  • GreaterPlaces is the Houzz for urban planning. Our company brings all aspects of community design under one digital roof. Users can upload, browse and interact with each other with examples of the best plans, policies and placemaking. Our focus on solutions supports our advertising platform that offers new ways to reach influencers and decision makers seeking innovative goods and services.

  • Book homes from student-friendly hosts in the D.C. metropolitan area and customize where you will live.

  • Company: HandUp
    Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

  • gives users control, privacy and security when sharing their identity online and allows users to monetize their information. In the public sector, provides a single login that citizens may use to access numerous secure government websites through www.Connect.Gov. In the retail sector,’s group verification technology powers the affinity marketing programs for over 130 name brands including Under Armour, and Dell.’s ability to authoritatively verify affinity groups like the military and students gives companies direct access to large and diverse customer bases. By targeting offers and rewards to affinity groups based on identity, companies generate loyalty on an emotional level that will keep new and old customers returning.

  • Insights helps ​leaders make smarter decisions by consulting ​the people they want to hear from​. Founded in 2010, this crowd-consulting app turns the wisdom of ​stakeholders into advice decision makers can use. The collective insights help organizations to improve their performance, solve problems and deliver change.

  • ktcPLAN, LLC is a small, minority, woman-owned planning firm which specializes in working with communities to create innovate and sustainable solutions to address today’s growth management needs.

  • LandFAX is the most trusted resource for geographic intelligence on real estate on the planet. With hundreds of data layers, we quickly and easily, get the dirt on your dirt.

    Get the FACTS, get a LandFAX.

  • Linktank is where engaged practitioners and influentials go to find out what’s happening in DC. It’s a free service that rounds up all the events that matter in areas such as policy, research, and advocacy. You can also find local organizations and people relevant to your interests and easily build local, intelligent connections.

  • Locus Social is a location-aware, interest-driven, and behavior- projecting multi-functional social platform.
    Locus Social’s patent-pending iLABA platform (Integrated LBS and behavior analytical Platform) with the world’s fastest Location-based big data processing engine served as an enabler to fill the gaps and meet the needs of the existing social network operators, advertising agencies, small businesses, large enterprises, mobile service providers, schools and more.With Locus Social consumer-facing app: Zoom Social, users can discover what is happening around the world in real-time by analyzing all location-based social network information and presenting it on a dynamic heat map.

  • Millennial Week provides sponsors the opportunity to connect with Millennials through product integration, speaking opportunities and brand exposure.

  • Our software empowers civic leaders to collaborate with residents in an accessible, participatory, and enjoyable way. We provide real-world design tools and a powerfully simple platform to engage people on the web.

  • New America is a think tank and civic enterprise committed to renewing American politics, prosperity, and purpose in the Digital Age. We generate big ideas, bridge the gap between technology and policy, and curate broad public conversation. Structurally, we combine the best of a policy research institute, technology laboratory, public forum, media platform, and a venture capital fund for ideas. We are a distinctive community of thinkers, writers, researchers, technologists, and community activists who believe deeply in the possibility of American renewal.

  • NextInfra leverages technology to reinvent infrastructure – how it is sourced, designed, financed, and developed. NextInfra is leveraging this platform to unlock the next generation of infrastructure development – connected, sensor-enabled, data-driven, and dynamic – that will profoundly impact us all for generations to come.

  • Notice allows customers to track the real-time arrival of their service appointments so they aren’t home all day “waiting for the cable guy to show up.”

  • Office(ish) is a free on-demand office search. Find a cool spot to work, book with confidence, and earn revenue from unused space.

  • Oincs is a mobile crowdsourcing platform that helps people move around safely by sharing real time information such as crime, vandalism, and traffic to empower civilians and create a better city life experience.

  • Online Owls is the go-to service for instant access to tech support in the Washington, D.C., area, connecting people to prescreened, trustworthy and certified on-call technicians to install, troubleshoot or repair computers, smartphones and other Internet-connected devices.

  • Plum Relish delivers delicious, farm-fresh, hand-crafted lunch boxes to busy people across conference rooms, cubicles, and desks.

  • ProTrakr is a project tracking web app for utility, highway, and general contractors. Its intuitive design lets job-site personnel track and send daily production quantities, hours, and field notes directly to the office from any device in just two steps.

  • RemodelMate is improving home improvement. We connect homeowners to the most reliable contractors in their area and make remodeling faster, simpler and more transparent.

  • Repperio is a federal contracting analytics platform that reveals the competitive landscape for all federal contract opportunities allowing contractors the ability to bid more strategically, minimizing time, cost and risk in federal contracting and increasing win rates and profitability.

  • ScrubBud matches you up with the best cleaners in Washington D.C and the surrounding areas. Our platform allows you to compare cleaning services by price, rating, area, and onwards so you know exactly what you’re getting. We work with local cleaners both big and small, giving opportunity to some amazing cleaning services in your neighborhood that typically might not have an online presence.

  • Shared_Studios is a multidisciplinary arts, design and technology collective focused on carving wormholes throughout the world. We ground the connective potential of new technology in physical spaces to create more accessible, secure, and sacred encounters between diverse populations.

  • SixPlus is like OpenTable for groups. Our website helps you find and book the best private and semi-private spaces for group dining events of 6 or more guests. Event planners, corporate staff and marketing directors use SixPlus to book company outings, board dinners, wedding events, birthdays and more.

  • is an unbiased and non-partisan political matchmaking site that provides voters with insight on which candidates most closely align with their views on current political issues.

  • SOL VISTA helps hotels quickly and continuously reduce utility expenses through Skywalk™, its proprietary SaaS platform. Skywalk is a window into commercial building and portfolio efficiency that empowers users to improve the profitability of their buildings. The platform combines conventional and unconventional data aggregation methods, programmatically integrated third-party tools, sophisticated analytics, and easily understandable metrics to help users minimize utility expenses on a continuous basis.

  • Spend Consciously is at the forefront of the convergence between big data, commerce, politics and technology. We are building an app and website that will build the 21st century bridge between corporations and consumers. By simply scanning a bar code, consumers can instantly determine whether what they are buying matches their individual values.

  • SPIN Global exists to provide solutions that help public and private sector agencies improve coordination prior to a disaster. We enable organizations to jointly plan, train, and operate together effectively as a team and assist one another in the time of need.

  • Sportall helps you compete in sports with people around you and improve your ranking.

  • String is a specialized service provider committed to making the American real-estate industry more efficient. With a strong local presence, String brings to its clients a unique combination of technological expertise and domain knowledge.

  • Sunshine is a fun, simple way to get the most accurate and personalized weather forecasts.

  • Our mission is to harness the power of the Internet for our community economies. We are dedicated to sustaining and supporting your community.

  • Tive turns free internet from a cost to a revenue stream for businesses while simplifying the login process. Users securely authenticate to free WiFi by watching short video ads or answering survey questions. Currently in hotels, Tive is expanding to small businesses and aiming to create a larger free WiFi platform.

  • TrustyBuilding analyzes public data to help realtors and home buyers better assess risks associated with purchasing a home. By evaluating both a property’s physical characteristics and the history of the developers and contractors who built it, we identify hidden risk factors about an apartment. By doing so, we hope to mitigate for home buyers some of the inherent information asymmetry of real estate purchases.

  • VicePrice makes finding happy hour spots in Washington, D.C. is a snap. Users can quickly compare & discover their perfect happy hour.

  • Village Defense is like Neighborhood Watch 2.0. Currently if neighbors want to keep their neighborhoods safer, they are sharing information through email lists, forums, and facebook pages. We believe that neighbors should know what’s happening across the street just as fast as they know what’s happening across the world. Our mobile app allows for anyone in the neighborhood to send an alert that gets delivered through text, voice call, and even to landlines within seconds, keeping everyone informed, and criminals hesitant.

  • Whyttle’s mission is to enrich lives by fostering community. Our goal is to make it easy for people to engage with groups and individuals who share their passions, to explore new interests, and to come together to address shared concerns — whether it’s environmental action, or working to improve our neighborhoods.

  • WiredScore provides critical information about the connectivity of buildings.

  • XpandU is a platform meant to bring people together! Our goal is to create an environment where you can meet more students and build a bigger network on your campus! At the end of the day, if our users are happy with the environment we provide, where students can immerse in discussion about relevant ideas, and create many new relationships, we’ve done our job!

  • Yelp is an American multinational corporation headquartered in San Francisco, California. It develops, hosts and markets and the Yelp mobile app, which publish crowd-sourced reviews about local businesses, as well as the online reservation service SeatMe and online food-delivery service Eat24.

  • YOPP is a shopping social network that helps shoppers find exactly what they are looking for, wherever they are, with help from other shoppers and local businesses.

  • ZeroCycle is a SaaS that turns garbage into recycling using big data and behavioral science.

  • Big data SAAS product for financial market analysis. We collect novel and relevant finance-oriented datasets from wikipedia, facebook, linkedin, twitter, job postings, news, search, and others, add value through natural language processing and machine learning, and allow users to explore the data to better understand their investments from new angles.

  • We offer flexible, convenient housing: fully furnished, month-to-month apartments throughout the Bay Area.

  • FourStay is an Airbnb slash to rent rooms around campus. Anyone can post and rent out their extra room. Students looking to rent a room around campus can simply book a room like booking a hotel room.

  • AgentHero is a real estate referral company owned by Veterans of the US Military. We match buyers and sellers of homes with vetted, professional real estate agents who are Veterans and Military Spouses all across the country.

  • Alphinat provides software that makes it easy to deal with an organization. Its SmartGuide® software suite simplifies, accelerates and improves interactions with all business constituents — resulting in greater cost-effectiveness, customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

  • helps you achieve anything by syncing your personal tasks, work projects, and shared lists so you have a clear path moving forward.

  • APX makes software for the hands-on workforce. The APX mission is to use wearable technology to give the hands-on workforce the data, help and access they need to do their best work. For our customers we make every employee as good as their best employee.

  • Artsii’s mission is to build and enhance arts programming within communities through facilitating relationships, educating schools and arts advocates, and harnessing the good will of the local community.

  • Aspire helps companies easily provide and manage meaningful workplace perks and benefits for their employees. Through the Aspire platform, we learn about the needs of employees in and out of the workplace, customize a perks program that aligns to those needs, manage the perk administration, and track the impact of those perks to ensure that companies optimize the dollars they’re spending on perks and benefits.

    Through our network of local vendors, we help companies provide everything from catered lunches and fitness classes to on-demand dry cleaning and meal delivery services to their employees. Our software is free to use, makes managing perks simple, and will create a better workplace for your employees.

  • We work with associations, professional societies, and event organizers to make their data ridiculously actionable.

  • Beingmeta brings human meaning to digital information, using semantic technologies in services and applications which enhance life, productivity, and sustainability.

  • Benecentive, Inc. makes software that improves lives and strengthens communities. Benecentive focuses on “good works,” solving common problems with local solutions. We value the user’s time off-line.

  • Bespoke creates a space for couples and wedding professionals to connect, craft a shared vision, and work together to make it a reality.

  • Beyonic is eliminating the need to use cash in emerging markets. We create platforms for business to easily make and receive payments via mobile money.

  • Billo Communications, Inc. is a conceptual digital design and production company using state-of-the-art new media technology to creatively communicate to youth, families, educators, communities, businesses and other audiences.

  • Boomzai helps you innovate more rapidly by crowdsourcing breakthroughs.

  • Boxer Analytics has created UniSearch Pro, which allows you to search your complex Unicode data quickly and effectively–without the need for advanced database knowledge. Search for emojis by keyword or groups of emojis by concept along with your plaintext and Unicode data–all from an intuitive web interface.

  • Brainsy offers patented Software as a Service (SaaS) to power Expert Calling Networks (ECN®) for groups and individuals. An ECN showcases mentors, subject matter experts, or advisors paid to share knowledge or expertise over the phone.

  • BSB is a mobile application development company.

  • Business Radar draws on the significant domain experience of its leadership team in utility operations & emergency coordination and in developing innovative mobile applications and enterprise platforms.

  • Cape Cod Cellars, “Martha’s Other Vineyard” is a brand of wines, apparel and future restaurants.

  • We support working professionals as they shift from living with frustration to living with purpose by making a successful career transition.

  • Cause IQ provides business intelligence on the nonprofit sector. Our customers are financial, accounting, and IT firms that have nonprofits clients. The Cause IQ website helps them generate leads, conduct market research, and track their competition. Our customers include TD Bank, BDO, and Blackbaud, among many others.

  • ChooseVets is an online marketplace that connects military veterans who provide services, trades and labor with customers who need to get stuff done.

  • ChurnZero gives you intelligence that you can act on. You’ll get a deeper understanding of your customers: from those at-risk to your most prolific users and everything in between. ChurnZero has different levels of analytics that that help you anticipate changes in a customer’s health and to proactively engage.

  • ClearForce Employee Insider Risk Management is a new cloud based Software-as-a-Service solution that identifies employees, vendors and contractors who represent potential risks to the enterprise caused by changes in their personal situation, such as financial difficulty or trouble with the law. The application’s legally compliant workflows identifies specific risks, supports investigation, and allows you to take action – with options that may include counseling, moving the person to a less vulnerable position, termination, or other action.

  • Content Analytics provides deep insight into on-site search rankings, content quality, product availability, product naming, and product purchase associations to improve discoverability and increase sales.

  • Convo is the new standard for project management software. Other project management tools and collaboration tools have only offered the bare minimum for team collaboration. Convo distills what is most effective in enterprise social networks, task manager, project management apps, and productivity apps to become the best project management software for agile teams.

  • Countable Corp. is a San Francisco based technology startup company. Its primary product is the Countable mobile app and web based application that offers individuals the ability to review upcoming legislation before the US Congress and express support or opposition to that legislation.

  • I am currently developing the DC Safe Pod at 1776, a tech incubator located at 1134 15th St. NW, 12th Floor, Washington, DC, 20005. The Safe Network, due to launch in early 2015, will be one of the most exciting and disruptive new technologies to enter the marketplace. The main objective of the network is to eliminate the need for servers and provide a safe, secure distributive access to the network by allowing users to give up a portion of unused disk space from their computers, tablets or phones to access various supported applications. Expected early applications will include file storage, email, web sites, crypto wallets,document signing, and many more. I am currently looking for partners interested in taking existing applications and converting them to work on the new Safe Network.

  • DataSplash is a cloud-based interactive website for data analysis and exploration. This cloud-­based SaaS­ application integrates with social media and online instruction platforms.

  • Dataurant makes restaurant bookkeeping easier. Our award winning QuickBooks app, POS Link saves restaurants over an hour a day by connecting QuickBooks with restaurant sales systems like Micros and Aloha. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it system.

    Our revolutionary technology is pioneering the transition of QuickBooks from the place where restaurants go to record transactions to the one, up-to-date source for their financial information. In the process, we’re saving our clients thousands of dollars each year by automating bookkeeping tasks that until recently had to be done manually.

  • DFJ helps entrepreneurs trail blaze new markets and build iconic companies.

  • Drizly™ is the technology company powering a superior shopping experience for beer, wine and liquor. Combining the best selection and price, content-rich and personalized shopping experiences, and the speed and convenience of on-demand delivery, Drizly delivers “The Joy of Drinking™” to legal-age drinkers across the United States. Backed by a world-class group of angel and institutional investors, the company has raised over $17 million to become the best place to shop for alcohol in Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York City, Providence, Seattle, St. Louis, Washington D.C., and other cities across the United States.

  • The world’s most trusted and convenient way to get your home professionally painted, EasyPaint offers accountability, security, and comfort — in an industry that has sorely lacked all three. We invite you to work with us to create your perfect home.

  • Emergent Network Defense, Inc. (END) delivers a comprehensive top-down & bottom-up software solution to help companies instinctively identify, measure, and respond to changes in their exposure to cyber risks. Our biologically-inspired approach helps our clients sleep soundly at night knowing that their networks are guided by top-down corporate governance and protected by innovative information security from the bottom-up.

  • Engagiant solutions help customers save money, improve productivity, and protect the organization by providing near-immediate, documented performance feedback to employees.

  • Engine’s mission is to support the growth of technology entrepreneurship by providing information about the startup economy, and constructing smarter public policy.

  • Etsy is a peer-to-peer e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items.

  • Cloud HR software for mid-size multinational organizations.

  • FairWear is building an economic model that puts the $1 Trillion the world spends making its clothes to work giving garment workers a fair shot in life. Through ethical manufacturing practices we enable garment workers (85% of whom are women) to earn a reasonable income needed to feed their families, educate their children, and build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

  • Far From Timid is an on demand lifestyle brand selling products for home and fashion–made in the USA + Canada. Every product is limited edition and made from original patterns you can’t get anywhere else. Five percent of our profits go to our seed fund that gives grants to artists (music, art, dance) that are contributing to their community.

  • Coming this Fall – Federal Talent is an integrated search platform for job opportunities with the federal government. We allow for one-stop searching by bringing together the latest data from both USAJOBS and federal contractors. Our platform also allows users to sign up for positions that are in the works and not yet released. Job seekers can connect their social media accounts and see how they may already be connected to federal opportunities through their personal social networks. Recruiters can post jobs, search for candidates, and create company profile pages. At Federal Talent, we’re hell-bent on making sure the right people make it into the right jobs—particularly the jobs that support our nation.

  • We are a digital agency located in Washington, DC. We build the brand, the tools, and the metrics to redefine how customers experience your organization.

  • FileMap provides a versatile visual space to see and organize your files. You can demonstrate your projects and ideas while organizing your file system. With FileMap your file system becomes a visual creative space.

  • We specialize in financing for the business owner who is interested in opening a small business, equipment leasing, financing for start-up businesses, business cash advances, merchant cash advances, collateral loans and more.

  • We bring together a unique combination of video production, live event, and digital media services with the capabilities to produce engaging programming for our clients and their audiences.

  • Foam Core Derby will introduce the composite process to the public in a safe and fun environment while giving back to the community. Today, Foam Core Derby donates 10% of all revenue from participants to youth organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Girl Scouts of the USA, and the Boy Scouts of America.

  • We are an enterprise messaging engagement tool designed to help you easily send, receive and manage SMS workflows. With Frontline, you can apply smart automation and engagement to the world’s most-used communications tool – mobile messaging.

  • Galley is your new way of gourmet eating on an affordable budget. We deliver wholesome, chef-prepared meals made with the highest-quality ingredients to your door, ready for you to warm, plate and serve for a restaurant-caliber dining experience.

  • At General Assembly, we are creating a global community of individuals empowered to pursue work they love, by offering full-time immersive programs, long-form courses, and classes and workshops on the most relevant skills of the 21st century – from web development and user experience design, to business fundamentals, to data science, to product management and digital marketing.

  • Funds breakthrough ventures and backs exceptional entrepreneurs via capital, business building resources and strategic support.

  • Ghost Note Media is a digital communications agency based in Washington, DC. We are dedicated to using innovative ideas & developing new technology to create unique experiences for our clients and customers. Whether through strategy, design or development, our work is geared towards creating lasting bonds between people and brands.

  • At GolfSmash, we bring together all the best golf resources onto a single platform. From here you can connect with friends, track your scorecards, read reviews, get golf tips, join a golf group, and more! GolfSmash is dedicated to bringing a unique experience to the golf industry and allows golfers the opportunity to interact on one intuitive platform. Isn’t it about time for a one­stop­shop in golf? With Golfsmash, it’s easy to connect, share, play, and discover all that golf has to offer!

  • At Golfswell, we believe being in nature and spending time with family and friends brings joy to people’s lives. Unfortunately, the golf industry is losing players every year because people simply don’t have the time to play. Golfswell is using technology to solve the game’s biggest problem and fulfill its mission to give everyone the opportunity to play.

  • With GoodWorld’s technology, you can now #donate to your favorite charities without ever leaving Facebook or Twitter. GoodWorld revolutionizes social media fundraising for charities and makes online giving easier, faster, and more effective. Launched on October 7, 2014, GoodWorld was dubbed the “Uber or iTunes of Philanthropy” by the Washington Post. It has since experienced rapid growth, and the ALS Association, No Kid Hungry, and Humane Society International are among many charities clambering to use GoodWorld. It costs nothing upfront and allows supporters and advocates to give and share in an instant without ever leaving social media.

  • GradFin (Graduate Financial Solutions) is a financial technology company that provides debt reduction solutions to student loan borrowers. GradFin provides a comprehensive solution to helping student loan borrowers accelerate their debt payoff process.

  • Greg’s List DC is a carefully curated calendar of the best social events in the Washington, DC area. Nowhere to go? Know where to go!

  • We create innovative and practical technology solutions in the areas of Advanced Analytics, Software Engineering, IT Infrastructure and Cyber Security within health, intelligence, defense, and security sectors to help government organizations perform their critical missions.

  • Harmoney is a peer-to-peer money marketplace – where everyday people can borrow money from (and lend money to) other everyday people.

  • HaystaqDNA develops cutting-edge “big data” strategies and individual-level predictive analytics for  Fortune 500 companies, leading nonprofit innovators, and progressive candidates around the world. Their methods and technology have contributed to scores of electoral victories, including Barack Obama’s landmark campaign for President, and now they bringing their expertise to the rest of the world.

  • The Hear Your News app lets you listen to your favorite newspapers and magazines in a variety of voices.

  • HeroHomes is dedicated to telling U.S. veterans about one of the best strategies they can use to build financial security. By using their VA mortgage benefit to purchase multifamily properties they can provide for their own families and perhaps help others as well.

  • Hire.Bid allows anyone in the U.S. to auction their free time on nights, weekends, and otherwise to be bid upon by prospective clients needing a helping hand on anything from complex matters to simple tasks. Hire.Bid’s auction marketplace turns the traditional online model of connecting service providers and clients on its head. Instead of clients posting projects to be bid upon by service providers, Hire.Bid provides an auction marketplace for service providers to offer their available time blocks to be bid upon by prospective clients. Hire.Bid beta launched in December 2014.

  • HireKeep uses a unique value algorithm and relationship data to match the best sales candidates with hiring managers. We want to help make hiring faster, easier, and more long term. Our vision is to go beyond the resume to ensure candidates love their job.

  • Hirely provides a data-driven platform that empowers the hourly workforce while giving small businesses an on-demand pipeline of the best candidates.

  • Remember. Respect. Retell. Honor Tag allows families to share the stories of fallen heroes from the Revolution to present day. Regardless where our troops served and died, Honor Tag memorializes their sacrifice and thanks them for their service.

  • Hotberry is an international platform that provides alternative financing to first-time homebuyers. Through a simple pre-qualification and distribution process, consumers can borrow funds to purchase any condo or house for sale on the market, while still maintaining the flexibility of leasing. This 84-month financing option is ideal for millenneals and other renters.

  • Idea Elan provides a comprehensive, intuitive, and scalable core management solution for all operational aspects of the core facility. Core facility managers devote considerable time, energy, and effort to administrative and operational issues at the expense of conducting pioneering research work. At Idea Elan, we partner with you to optimize your facilities functionally and financially.

  • Ignite is a mobile app that helps make get togethers happen. It allows you to easily pitch your ideas, and others can follow them. If you get enough traction, you can make them happen. Similarly within those ideas you can follow the best time, best location, or who’s bringing the beer. You also get a feed of what everyone else is up for, such as your buddy wanting to grab drinks tonight, play soccer next week, or host a public tech startup event next month.

  • iMogul is a Crowdsourcing and Investment platform which connects screenwriters and independent (Indie) film producers with investors by leveraging opinion driven users’ feedback and big data analytics through crowd engagement and a predictive engine. iMogul introduces an audience to a film project before it is produced, builds a fan base, and puts investors in a deal room with filmmakers to facilitate the completion of the project. The fan base helps to determine what films are made and the appetite for the quantity of films produced.

  • Socially responsible outsourcing improves your bottom-line and allows you to contribute positively to disadvantaged communities around the globe. We enable you to effortlessly send work to high quality, low-cost, socially responsible business process outsourcing (BPO) providers all over the world.

  • InAffinity Networks works with targeted groups to assist entrepreneurs with capital formation and business development.

  • InkWorks delivers cost savings, time savings, and other quantifiable results to the print and marketing product needs of organizations.  From the day to day of business cards to larger matters, InkWorks brings value and innovation to a purchase category filled with disorganization, inconsistent pricing, and other fragmented issues.

  • Inno Product Lab is a product design company. We design and develop innovative solutions to everyday problems. We are currently working on innovative and flexible packaging solutions designed to facilitate healthier eating habits.

  • Our vision at Innovation State is to see California ranked number one for its business-friendly environment and entrepreneurial capacity.

  • Innovizo is a big data, advanced analytics, and technology consulting company specializing in business transformation and agile solutions. We help clients develop and implement strategies to leverage data and technology tools to create business value.

  • Next-generation video teleconferencing (VTC), fusing video chat with remote desktop/media sharing in one frame, like the weatherman.

  • Inteliscale is a cloud management platform that ensures high reliability, scalability and performance.

  • Interactive Shares is a direct lender. We help finance small-balance real estate loans every day. No banks or brokers needed.

  • Isomorf is an unapologetic re-imagination of the way code is written, discovered, shared, and deployed.

  • ItsReelTV is focused on creating new ways to deliver digital content to viewers. Our unique video player brings direct buying and live data to online video.

  • Jurispect is a regulatory data and predictive analytics company. Jurispect supports companies with smart classifications and predictive analytics on real-time regulatory developments of final and proposed regulations, enforcements, speeches, guidances, legislation, and news, enabling smarter decision-making within companies.

  • Kaltura’s mission is to power any video experience. Kaltura has emerged as the fastest growing video platform, and as the one with the widest use-case and appeal. Kaltura is deployed globally in thousands of enterprises, media companies, service providers and educational institutions and engages hundreds of millions of viewers at home, in work, and at school. The company is committed to its core values of openness, flexibility, and collaboration, and is the initiator and backer of the world’s leading open-source video-management project, which is home to more than 100,000 community members.

  • We create digital solutions that help consumers, businesses, cities and governments leverage the technological innovation offered by modern day digital networks to grow and thrive in the digital age.

  • Konversed is an app development service that allows creative people to curate, share, and monetize their passion with more value than existing app development companies. Konversed combines; simple drag and drop audio, video and image gallery deployment, location-aware content, commerce, all within your very own app.

    From artisans to artists, the makers and creators, the families, teachers and tradies, the intellectuals and the daredevils – all of you, whoever you are and whatever you do, who are driven by your passion. Konversed nurtures creative beings of every kind.

    It’s time to share your passion with the world.

    Own your passion. Get Konversed.

  • The Kovue platform is built around key social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for a seamless invite process. Your Kovue network is a selected subset of a user’s total Facebook friends, consisting only of those they wish to watch with. After becoming Kovue friends, users are able to see what the friends are watching in real-time, and decide whether or not they want to watch something together.

  • Landlord Report Card, LLC is a web-based application that takes publicly available information, compiles and cross-checks it and makes it readily available and searchable online to provide transparency in the landlord-tenant relationship.

  • Lithero’s mission is to make content management easy for life sciences.

  • We design and build detail rich resort style outdoor environments. Each pool project constructed is delivered with the highest level of service, organization, craftsmanship, and professionalism, no matter the size or complexity. Our experience with high-end custom home construction gives us the ability to handle all types of residential construction.

  • Macblatt primarily operates in the Management Consulting Services industry within the Engineering, Accounting, Research, and Management Services sector.

  • Magnify.It enables cause-based organizations to significantly increase donor conversion rates. These organizations are increasingly receiving more of their donations online, yet the conversion rates for the most utilized digital communications tool, email, are still very low. Magnify.It solves this problem by providing nonprofit organizations with the tools they need to create engaging mobile optimized donation portals, and seamless one-click donate email campaigns.

    Magnify.It – Better, Faster, Smarter.

  • MarketStraddle is a web interface for the financial community where people can interact and exchange views on the financial market. The interface will enable users to comment on the market, follow individuals and companies, and create virtual portfolios that people can share. MarketStraddle will enable investors and traders to increase the interaction among the market participants.

  • Media iQ is a leading global analytics technology company that uses its superior analytical platform AiQ to unlock insights from data to drive business growth.

  • MegCares is a simple and private system that makes both you and mom feel safer by monitoring activity in her house. MegCares allows you to worry much less about mom living alone.

  • makes it easy for any sports team to broadcast like the pros. Our platform allows teams to create live, ESPN-like webcasts, offering the same HD video, audio, stats, and social features that fans demand from professional sports teams. Simple production tools guide broadcasters every step of the way, and enhance quality by automatically generating overlays, transitions, graphics, and montages. No expensive equipment is needed, as we maximize the capabilities of off-the-shelf technology such as laptops, smartphones, and consumer-grade HD cameras. We also provide a library of high quality ads from national and local advertisers, which broadcasters can run during games whenever they desire to earn revenue. Fans can access content with the simplicity of large professional outlets such as Fans can share clips and highlights instantly on social networks, along with collectively curating notable plays and events.

  • MicroBenefits is dedicated to improving the livelihood of frontline workers through an economically sustainable business model that creates real value for customers. Our value-driven product suite is designed to, develop employees’ skill sets, improve employee rewards, enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty and boost company retention rates.

  • Military Job Networks is reshaping how veterans and military service members are hired and develop careers in AmericaÍs available workforce. Through an online platform, Military Job Networks enables businesses to quickly be matched with verified Veterans while also providing community forums and an online resource directory to ensure successful employee onboarding, management, and development.

  • MotionSavvy developed UNI, a two way communication tools for the deaf and hearing using recent advancements in gesture recognition technology.

  • MVE Partners is an entrepreneurial advisory and growth equity firm that brings an ‘outside the box approach’ to the startup community. Our firm has two core divisions:

    Capital – we co-found and invest in finance technology startups.

    Advisory – leveraging our knowledge as entrepreneurs and investors we are able to assist startup CEO’s and CFO’s with their financial strategy – providing additional expertise and resources during funding rounds and board meetings.

  • Myolo is a safe, transparent, and simple place for people to shop and negotiate with vetted lenders using one application. At Myolo, it’s our mission to improve consumer financial access, ease, and transparency through stellar technology and services.

  • Narrative Science is the leader in advanced natural language generation for the enterprise. Powered by artificial intelligence, its Quill™ platform analyzes data from disparate sources, understands what is important, then automatically generates perfectly written narratives to convey meaning from the data for any intended consumer or business audience, at unlimited scale. It does what data visualizations cannot: it identifies and conveys relevant information in conversational language that people can immediately comprehend, trust and act on. Organizations rely on Narrative Science to better serve customers with useful written content and to increase efficiency, freeing employees to focus on high-productivity activities and innovation.

  • New Light Technologies (NLT) provides enterprise information solutions that combine Information Technology (IT) ingenuity and industry intelligence to drive high-performance results for our clients. We help commercial companies and government at the federal, state, and local levels achieve the highest levels of return on their investments in IT.

  • Notarize, the first on-demand remote electronic notary service, allows anyone to legally notarize a document from their iPhone or computer 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

  • OA Labs creates next generation capabilities primarily for large entities in the Payments, Retail, and Banking industries. It provides applied research & development as well as Incubation and product development on behalf of its clients.

  • OM Digital is an experiential marketing agency developing scalable content creation technology and sharing platforms for brands and forward-thinking marketing agencies.

  • On Second Thought is a messaging app that lets you take back text messages before they get to the other person’s phone.

  • onVCP is a Virtual Community Platform (VCP) that is an enterprise and extranet platform, developed by Argonne National Laboratory, which supports “Super” Initiatives such as the Virtual Joint Planning Office (VJPO).

  • Our mobile solution gives managers real-time oversight of their field programs with immediate results whether it’s at the door, on the street, or by phone. Increase productivity, improve accountability, and deliver results with Organizer.

  • Our focus at OutboundOps is an all-in-one sales solution that generates leads, secures buyers, and drives revenue. We combine our knowledge of technology solutions with a progressive approach to prospecting through advanced sales automation programs, outbound-emailing, social selling, and tele-based outreach in order to bring you qualified leads and pipeline growth.

  • Pair gives consumers a new way to try home and office products before they buy, using an iPad or iPhone in their home or office. Pair is the only platform that allows users to walk around and interact with products at true scale in real time without having to leave the home or office.

  • Pandora Internet Radio is a music streaming and automated music recommendation service powered by the Music Genome Project.

  • Pelonkey offers performance artists a suite of easy to use online tools to conduct their day to day business online. Contracts, invoices, payments, tax and legal help, promotion, scheduling and more are all accessible on Pelonkey’s easy to use platform for entertainers.

    Event planners in search of great entertainment options can use Pelonkey to search and filter our database of performers based on their needs, read information and reviews for each performer, and make inquiries to book and negotiate talent directly online.

  • PetConnect is a marketing community that helps pet owners connect their pets to the resources they need.

  • Remember the paper receipt? Not for long. We are partnering with merchants to get your receipts sent straight to the cloud. Available when you want it, gone when you don’t. Simply pull up the app to make a return—no need to show your paper trail. It is time to lose the shoebox and stop the wallet receipt bulge. Piper’s enterprise platform connects receipt data across existing merchant POS silos for use by both marketers and consumers.

  • Pushdot allows users to selectively share their contact information with peers and businesses while both parties are updated on a real-time basis.

  • Quest Digital Interactive (QDI) is a pre-venture technology company founded to partner with a diverse group of companies to develop and commercialize a patent-pending innovation that has the potential to disrupt the multi-billion dollar TV industry.

  • QuickQuestion has developed Qwist, a multi-use platform that helps people engage and interact with the issues, surroundings and people that matter to them.

  • The Remesh platform uses machine learning to understand and engage groups of people with real-time conversation.

  • Ripl is like a FitBit for responsible business. Ripl makes tracking, communicating, and improving social and environmental responsibility affordable and easy, for businesses and their supply chain.

  • Roe mobile development develops and markets apps for mobile devices. The main product is Smart Recorder, an audio recorder, which is available for iOS, Mac and Windows 8.

  • Scatter takes securing cloud use to the next level. Our SaaS tool provides security for enterprise, consumers, and app developers that goes beyond encryption. We raise the bar for data privacy and maintain an ease of use that consumers have come to expect. Scatter has patentable technology that provides the next level of data protection for cloud use and protects users against surveillance, easing privacy concerns.

  • Seneca Systems was founded by a team dedicated to strengthening the relationship between constituents and their government. Our first product, Romulus, helps departments and representatives respond to incoming requests, communicate transparently with their constituents, and make better data-driven decisions.

  • There is a growing need for real time data from the billions of sensors out there such as power, water, air quality, and many more. Senseware is the first ‘Sensors as a Service’ company whose platform enables companies to use Senseware’s real time data streams from low cost wireless sensor networks to drive cost savings, operational improvements, and new revenue opportunities. Senseware enables an IoT data cloud, letting enterprises cost effectively and easily produce usable real time data from a physical environment. Whereas existing solutions rely on selling costly proprietary hardware and have limited software components or value, Senseware flips the model.

  • MilitaryMobile is a startup that builds enterprise mobile apps specifically for the Department of Defense. The apps are designed to help soldiers, sailors, and airmen become more productive in their daily work. While delivering a consumer level joy of use, point of performance information and data collection, and military-grade security, the value for the customer is the tremendous efficiency over existing paper and legacy PC programs. The apps are presented to the user in a platform that provides one place for the user to go to do work and provides a familiar user experience across all the applications. In addition to the hyper-focused apps, a core component of the MilitaryMobile offering is a robust data platform that gathers information from all the apps servicemembers use as they go about their work to unlock new insights from data that previously wasn’t being captured.

  • Simbi is an online marketplace for freelancers and hobbyists to cashlessly exchange services. By providing a way for these independent workers to turn their unbooked hours into real economic value, Simbi simultaneously increases the size of the economy while supporting small-scale entrepreneurs to do the flexible work they love.

  • SmartDetect develops microchip and smart device technology to detect and isolate compounds, chemicals, and other systemic substances within compounds and liquids through infrared spectroscopy.

  • Snoozester provides hotel-style wake up calls and convenient reminders. Schedule wake up calls and reminders online and receive them on your phone.

  • SolveSpark is the world’s first centralized “crowd-solving” platform. Join in and share your ideas, insights, struggles, and dreams. Your input will help create traction and build positive change in your community and around the world.

  • Source is a social platform that allows users to share, store, and discuss articles with others. Additionally, Source allows users to collaborate on specific topics with their peers and track their media sources to further understand their reading tendencies and help guide and expand users reading experience.

  • SOZO Solutions provides top notch IT solutions for different industries. Currently we are building a social networking mobile app. Who of your contacts or professionals with common interests who are going to be on the same flight, airport, or city you are traveling to? With “Meet OnTheGo” plan your trip before you go, never waste a moment!!

  • Sports Feed is your Super Bowl 50 destination. Follow the game together with private chat. Send pics, stickers & more while getting real-time stats.

  • Stantist Software helps people search, analyze and track standards related data. Stantist helps anyone quickly analyze, visualize and share information. Hundreds of customer accounts get rapid results with Stantist in the office and on-the-go. Customizable alerts can be created to track updates on areas of interest.

  • Sticky is a platform for measuring eye movements, survey responses and emotions. The platform helps makers of visual media understand the world and the way their users see it, visually.

  • Offered as an employer benefit, Student Loan Genius helps companies reach the next level of recruiting and retention, while saving the average employee thousands of dollars each year.

  • Subject7 provides cloud-based software test automation, load testing, and accessibility testing for web and mobile applications for anyone with any level of technical expertise.

  • Super is a subscription service that provides care and repair for your home. Super’s concierge service manages the logistics for all your home service needs. From your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, you’re only one tap away from getting the service you need for your home.

  • TechCongress gives talented technologists the opportunity to gain first-­hand experience in federal policymaking and shape the future of tech policy through a one-year Congressional Innovation Fellowship with a Member of Congress or Congressional Committee.

  • The DeVere’ Group, LLC is currently building and planning to release an e-business card mobile and web application to help users elevate, build and manage their global connections, both professional and personal; enhance their interpersonal networking; and market their capabilities.

  • The Murphy Technology Group, also known as M19P, is a high tech startup aiming to foster innovation and the collaboration of brilliant minds across industry, government, military, and academia to simplify life’s complexities.

  • We curate gatherings for the romantically unattached who appreciate the value of chemistry and conversation.

  • The Shared Collective is a technology enterprise providing scalable solutions to a wide range of organizations by building value through enhanced connectivity and seamless integration. It is providing companies the freedom to focus on real value – not technology – by knocking down information silos.

  • The Tempest is the leading media and tech company created and run by diverse millennial women, for the world.

  • thinkBiotech publishes the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, the authoritative source for leading thinking on biotechnology business management.

  • Tone is an interactive editorial website with articles determined by user interests – Tone users are our editorial board. Tone has the dynamic structure of modern news websites (e.g. Vox, Techcrunch, etc.), but the experience and content we provide to our users is 100% driven by the articles they read and the topical communities in which they participate (i.e. reddit).

    What makes us different is the Tone Engine — a system that changes the way users interact with journalists and their own communities. The Tone Engine adapts to our users’ voice and processes what they want to experience on the site. The communities dictate the articles topics that we write.

    Being able to comment on articles is great, but users want greater input in the conversation. This is why we have overhauled the traditional commenting system. Our user can now submit their own “response” articles in support of or in opposition to featured stories, further expanding the relevance of the topic.

  • We’re a create agency that produces award winning television ads and builds comprehensive, digitally-powered communications campaigns for brands, non-profits, and political campaigns.

  • The Truffle app allows users to easily share their favorite restaurants with their friends.

  • UBELONG makes it easy for you to volunteer and learn abroad.

  • UNFOILED is creating the nation’s first LinkedIn-style HR platform for minorities and women in tech, while using our patented macroanalysis tool to ensure that companies also find qualified candidates that help improve retention.

  • Uscreen helps content creators launch digital subscription websites, sort of like building your own Netflix. Uscreen is a fully hosted platform enabling publishers to monetize content via subscriptions and build a profitable recurring income using various types of content including videos, audio and much more.

  • Uxplr (pronounced you-explore) develops innovative software that drives customer engagement, increases on-site bookings, decreases research time, builds brand loyalty and provides market intelligence for travel businesses.

  • Veebit is building the world’s best platform for providing quantifiable insight into the values that drive behavior — so that organizations, individuals and communities can make better decisions whenever people factor in. Our goal is to make big data return big dividends by mapping attitudes and beliefs to behaviors, to achieve mutual benefit between people, the organizations they engage and the causes they support.


  • VENN is a system for connecting like-minded people who would have otherwise not met using personality and interests.

  • ventureLab is a cross-market startup studio and incubator that builds and invests in innovative technologies by providing entrepreneurs with seed funds, business resources and global relationships. We take a fully hands-on approach to develop the product and the business and create a clear path to revenue with customers, commercial partners and new geographic markets.

  • If only you knew…the 10 influencers who will win your first million customers, the scale of your untapped market, and how best to leverage social media for positive and profitable outcomes. What you don’t know is opportunity lost, and Verifeed listens, learns and leverages millions of social conversations to unearth valuable strategic “social intelligence”. We work with F500 brands, startups, campaigns and causes to accelerate profitable and positive outcomes. Want to build brand awareness, find your early adopter ‘believers’, and recruit the influencers who will spearhead viral ‘word of mouth’? Want consumer and industry insights to power precision-targeted content marketing across all platforms? How about growing user adoption, conversions and revenue? There’s a cost of not knowing, and Verifeed customers have the edge. More at and at Twitter @Veriate

  • We help people explore the world together.

    Viagem, Inc. is a technology startup based in Washington, D.C. focused on making travel easily accessible to everyone and enhancing travelers’ experiences around world. We are developing our first product #WalkAbout App to provide users a way to connect to an ever increasing community of global citizens. No matter where our users go, they’ll be able to take us with them and connect with others in the #Walkabout community.

    We don’t exactly know where this adventure will take us, but let’s wander together.

  • Vibe Check provides occupancy based analytics for the quick service and fast casual restaurant industries. Using cutting edge installed hardware, Vibe Check captures occupancy flow data and uses it to help restaurant owners understand customer behavior and improve employee management.

  • VinoLovers is a new online wine subscription experience that matches wine lovers with the perfect wine pairing based on their individualized preferences. No more aimlessly selecting wines. Vinolovers brings boutique wines to your doorsteps through a buying experience that is educational, personalized, and convenient.

  • Votalize is a social platform that connects citizen to politicians. It helps citizens to aggregate and direct their concerns to politicians.

  • Waveborn is a for-purpose company selling handcrafted Italian sunglasses and donating a portion of profits to SEE International. When you buy your next pair of Waveborn sunglasses, you are helping to fund a life-changing cataract surgery in the developing world.

  • Wedmony will be the first cloud-based solution to systematize wedding planning by dynamically structuring the wedding planning process, automating data collection and analysis, assisting decision making with data visualizations and predictive algorithms, and reducing cluster to isolate critical decisions that can only be made by the couple.

  • Wesh App is a platform that enables individuals connect with their community while they are living abroad. Wesh App creates an online community for each nationality enabling members to communicate with their peers in any country or city they are in.

  • Whyttle provides a social networking platform to connect people with online communities that share their interests. Our mission is to enrich lives by fostering community.

  • The XPRESS mobile app is a video chat-based social network that focuses on cycling through random live video calling sessions with socially-linked peers. Our business model is universal friendship, creativity, and widespread happiness. We aim to combat the judgmental and individualistic ideologies promoted by many other social networking platforms.

  • Yapper is a location based chat application that allows users to participate in group chats with everyone nearby. Integrated with Meetup and Eventbrite, a Yapper chat room automatically appears at the location of every event. Yapper also gives the user the ability to create their own conversations and broadcast them to people nearby.

  • Yellowstone is one platform to reach your audience wherever they area regardless of the device they use or where your content was created.

  • Yet Analytics unifies the data of human and machine experience to provide real-time insights across diverse data sets.

  • Zinthu is an easy-to-use knowledge management solution for small teams and individuals. One of the major downfalls of most knowledge management applications is that users do not input information; therefore, making the implemented knowledge management solution of little value to the company. Zinthu users save content to a personal account and share relevant items with their small team. Since Zinthu accounts are primarily associated with the individual, employees save and share more information to the system. Employers benefit by an increased utilization rate and more efficient employees – employers do have the ability to implement certain safeguards to limit risk of proprietary or sensitive material being saved to individual users’ accounts. Zinthu is building a knowledge management solution that is actually utilized.

  • 1000ecofarms is building an online marketplace and community to bring together buyers and sellers of natural farm-produced food and other products.

  • 1787fp offers investors a robust end-to-end technology platform for financial planning and investments.

  • 3doo, Inc., is transforming the global distribution of media content by quickly and easily delivering the world of 3D, and eventually Ultra HD, to millions of Smart TV viewers in 180 countries.

  • Technology consulting geeks who help government and business clients innovate like start-ups.


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