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With over 200 startups within our community, our members range from solutions for patient-doctor communication to recharging your electric vehicle anywhere in the world. These companies range in size from millions of dollars in capital and revenue to entrepreneurs with a big idea looking to get started. What binds them together are the common challenges they face as they seek to transform their ideas into successful, high-growth businesses to change the world.


  • is a tools-based admissions social network designed to assist applicants with the college planning and admissions process. At no cost to the applicant, provides a direct connection to other applicants, current students, alumni experts, colleges, and other key admissions stakeholders. The platform is designed to level the college admissions playing field by providing structure to one of the most meaningful, competitive, stressful, and misunderstood processes encountered by students.

  • CollegeNode is a platform that helps high school students from abroad better access to information related to colleges and universities in America.

  • EdClub is the provider of online educational software for K-12. Our flagship product is TypingClub, a keyboarding software with over 3 million users in the US and around the world.

  • EdFundr is a donation platform designed for passionate alumni like you to help remove financial barriers in higher education. You give directly to the departments and programs that you care about, you see the impact of your gift, and you help create new scholarships at the colleges you give to. Giving back never felt this good.

  • Developed by Ben Levy while still in the classroom for Teach For America, eduCanon is an interactive video learning tool that allows teachers to create their own Khan Academy. It’s a player in the flipped learning movement, where students learn online at home and at their own pace and homework is done in class. In 15 months it has attracted 300,000+ teachers and students.

  • Gem works to connect students with opportunities. We bring the law school/summer associate model to traditional schools nationwide to every organization. Thus, providing experience and, most importantly, opportunity.

  • KickUp is a combined software and service solution designed to help educators collaborate effectively for their professional growth. KickUp works with schools, districts, charters networks, states, and training organizations to provide premium mentoring to high-needs teachers and allow educators to earn continuing education credits for seeking and providing quality support.

  • LEAF College Savings is the leading SaaS, employee benefit ​marketplace for 529 tax-advantaged college savings plans.

    LEAF allows employees to choose from each unique 529 plan while making it simple for the employer to provide payroll deduction, including matching to employees – analogous to the over 80 million corporate 401Ks though for college savings.

  • We help students and impact leaders secure internships and jobs that blend financial rewards with social impact and environmental sustainability. Currently available across 40 campuses and 10 fellowship programs serving 600,000+ Millennials, our elearning platform leverages cognitive neuroscience insights with over 40+ of experiences in mission-driven businesses to help leaders turn their education into meaningful employment.

  • MPOWER removes financial barriers to higher education in the US.
    Concretely, the company offers bridge financing to high-potential domestic & international students left out by traditional lenders, so that these students can initiate or complete their college degree.

  • Our goal is to help make learning more user friendly for the 21st century student.

    By “Making Smarter Possible & Desirable” we’re truly helping post Millennial students realize their promise & tap into their potential.

  • Netcito enables entrepreneurs to realize the full potential of their businesses by connecting them to a community of peers that shares insights, experiences, and resources. Netcito members meet monthly to share challenges and ideas, hold one other accountable to goals, and share lessons learned through their own experiences. By taking time to connect with other entrepreneurs and focus on strategic issues, members gain insights that can have a transformational impact on their businesses and lives.

  • NumbersAlive!® presents numbers as fun and friendly characters who uncover numeric patterns embedded in everything in life throughout the world: in art, science, architecture, sports, nature, culture, and folklore. Our playful numbers come alive through their own storytelling, captivating children into learning in every discipline. They are touchable in the form of soft plush numbers and also enchant children through their books and games, even interacting digitally on tablets. NumbersAlive! packages this creative, universal learning concept in two brands: (1) Team Ten® – for numbers 0-9; and (2) STEM Squad® – for higher level math and science concepts led by π.

  • The Peace and Collaborative Development Network (PCDN) is one of the leading online networks connecting the global social change community. PCDN is a rapidly growing social enterprise that gathers over 34,000 professionals, organizations and students engaged in development, peace, conflict resolution, gender, social entrepreneurship and related fields. We offer a one stop shop to inspire, connect, inform and provide the tools and resources to scale social change.

  • Quume is a cloud-based learning engagement platform that empowers employees to own their professional development and learning. Quume allows the mobile, ambitious, self-directed, and time-stretched employee to create tailored and aligned professional development plans for specific goals. Quume can be adapted for use across the entire employee lifecycle, from onboarding to advancement or reassignment to off-boarding. Start your own learner-centered “corporate university” without a substantial financial or time commitment.

  • SmarterVote is an eHarmony for voters. By answering a few questions we can help voters understand which candidates they align with on all levels of politics. Armed with that information we hope to increase citizen engagement and electoral participation. In turn, we become an invaluable source of voter opinion for candidates, political organizations and media outlets.

  • We develop educational technology for non-native anglophones with a special emphasis on Deaf and/or Hispanic learners. For years these communities have adapted learning strategies to be able to teach high-level concepts without depending on synchronous English fluency. Multilingual support resources, however, have not yet been made widely available, requiring additional teaching responsibilities for educators; we intend to fill this gap.

  • VentureBoard is an online platform that allows students to start ventures and universities to create and manage their new ecosystem. VentureBoard gives universities a suite of easy to use online tools for students, advisors, and administrators to better interact around new ventures. Students can find people to work with, learn about university resources, and use online tools to iterate on their business model. Universities receive a bird’s eye view of their ecosystem and know at a glance which ventures and advisors are active, and who is dragging behind.

  • Zoobean helps families discover children’s books and apps at home or at their local library. Their latest service, Beanstack, helps to increase library use and reach new cardholders while building early literacy.

  • At Ivy Standard, we believe that every student should have access to affordable, quality educational resources. Our goal is to ensure that students reach their full potential and exceed their academic goals.
    With over 3 million users worldwide, Ivy Standard mobile applications are among the most popular test preparation and educational development materials available.

  • CollegeSnapps is a mobile communication platform that places an advisor in the hands of every high school and college student in order to help them navigate the path to and through college. Built by educators, CollegeSnapps’ smartphone app provides students with crucial information exactly when they need it, and at the touch of a button connects them with their academic advisor or school counselor so help is always at their fingertips. CollegeSnapps’ interactive dashboard is also changing the game for support professionals who can monitor student activity on the app in real time, efficiently message students and quickly identify which of their students need help.

  • Degree Prospects has been creating online information resources in higher education since 2008, helping millions of visitors per year learn about their educational and career options, and partnering with leading universities such as Georgetown University, University of Texas, and Arizona State.

  • Live It is a web and app-based platform that aims to increase student engagement in colleges and universities. Through Live It, students have the ability discover on- and off-campus events, experiences, and interests recommended by fellow students. Our student-driven content also serves to provide in-depth knowledge on how to take full advantage of an experience. Live It’s initiative serves to improve overall student outcomes both inside and outside the classroom.

  • SkillSmart’s mission is to create a smarter, more qualified workforce to benefit employers looking to fill open positions and candidates looking for employment. A unique platform that provides a single source of connectivity between employers, job seekers and educators, SkillSmart creates economic opportunity by matching job seekers to jobs based on skills and connecting job seekers to training opportunities to develop needed skills to become better qualified for the position.

  • Edbacker is an end-to-end solution for PTA/PTO’s, Schools and Organizations to manage the fundraising process. We help PTA’s raise funds and communicate with their parents to enrich their children’s education. We are proud to help the millions of parents fill the funding gap around the country.

    Our customers are the over 50 million parents across the US that serve as volunteers in these organizations and the associations that serve those parents. We have on boarded over 200 Parent Organizations in 25 states

  • Grammar is critical for communication, but is not adequately addressed by many school curricula. Era Metrics, Inc. is an education tech company that is developing a product, based on Natural Language Processing technology, that tutors students on Common Core Language Standards and tracks their mastery over time.

  • CollegeAppz is an online platform that provides high-school students with a user friendly, detail rich step-by-step through the US college admissions process. Early adopters are international and U.S. community groups, education companies, and schools that have limited resources to develop a powerful technology tool.

  • Interfolio is building the first professional social network for higher education. Today, the faculty, scholars and others who lead colleges and universities lack a strong platform to collaborate and to make the strategic decisions that drive their institutions. Unlike in the business world where collaboration solutions abound, these large, rich institutions struggle with huge inefficiencies and bureaucracy. Interfolio combines a consumer professional network with enterprise SaaS products that are transforming the higher education market.

  • SecondSight-University (S2U) is a web & mobile platform that provides campus safety threat managers the data & analytics they need to identify “at-risk” students and successfully intervene before they harm themselves or others.

  • PrepFactory provides high-quality standardized test preparation videos from the best instructors in America. For free. Test takers can watch videos online and, if needed, get personalized instruction from a competitive marketplace of user-rated tutors and application coaches available on-demand 24 hours a day. Our mission is to help the more than 4,000,000 people who take standardized tests annually study more effectively and efficiently in a way that fits their schedule and budget.

  • SavingsSquirrel is a tablet and phone allowance app that helps parents teach their kids about money. Kids learn financial literacy by investing or donating their allowance to social causes. The heart of SavingsSquirrel is connecting kids with other kids to crowdfund projects with charities and social organizations. We do good in the world, one allowance at a time!

  • Empower your staff with the power of data. Quickly determine areas where students are falling behind or trends in behavioral incidents in a few clicks. Track, evaluate and manage all facets of student learning with the Always Prepped Dashboard.

  • StudySoup is a peer to peer learning marketplace launched in 2014. Success in the classroom can be a pretty ambiguous thing with each class including hundreds of hours of lectures, and dozens of readings. Come midterm time most students are overwhelmed and have no idea what they should be studying for. That’s not the purpose of education! There are a few top students in the class, or from previous years who know exactly what it takes to be successful. Those top students can make money by helping their peers, and posting high quality study materials to StudySoup. At the end of the day, learning from your peers is the best way to learn, because after all, who understands your question better than someone who’s in your class?

  • International Judicial Exchange Center is established to provide high quality internship and training programs for Chinese university students and young professionals. It is now exploring online education/certification programs and building an online platform for expert/professional exchange.

  • Knowledge to Practice optimizes patient centered care by measuring and improving clinical decision-making. We are changing the way academic physicians teach and the way clinicians learn. Our patented ILS intrinsically motivates clinicians through customized MOC assessments that measure clinical knowledge and judgment and maps a tailored performance improvement plan that delivers personalized curriculum both synchronous and asynchronous with care. This data-driven approach provides powerful dashboards and reporting that improves practice performance for learners, faculty and administrators.

  • Committed to enhance the world of scientific publishing, and bridge the gap between academia and industry.

  • The S.O.C. is a web-based platform which helps universities connect their students to over 10,000 of the most relevant student events, student publications, and experiential learning opportunities.

    There are more recent grads than ever entering an increasingly competitive job market. Just getting a degree isn’t enough anymore. This means extra-curricular engagement is more important than it has ever been. Our mission is to modernize the way Universities connect their students to resources that help them stand out from the crowd.

    The SOC was launched August 2014; and currently serves 16 universities around the country, including Clemson University, University of Louisiana, and Florida State University.

  • Hairpiq makes online videos for cosmetology and barber schools to help increase their graduation rate.

Energy & Sustainability

  • Hilltop Energy Partners is the only single source provider of Building Performance Optimization in New York City and Washington, D.C. Hilltop’s proprietary methodology optimizes energy efficiency to meet environmental, financial, or resiliency goals. Hilltop provides a full suite of services including energy auditing, energy management consulting, distributed electricity generation installation, building dashboards, and retro-commissioning studies.

    Hilltop can help building owners lower electricity costs through on-site generation and tax incentives, increase revenues through sales of excess capacity via power purchase agreements, and decrease interruption risk through energy grid independence. Hilltop also offers third party financing options to minimize capital expenditures for building owners.

  • We help swimming pool owners take charge of their own water. With our free app, people will be guided through every facet of pool maintenance. Optionally, we ship all of the necessary supplies straight to their door.

  • Every home should be a safe and welcoming place. Haven makes it easy to create a healthy, comfortable and more valuable home. Through a mix of technology and home services Haven is redefining the home experience.

  • The Agricity team is committed to building healthier, more sustainable, and more productive cities. Their first project, a pioneering organics collection service called Compost Cab, makes it easy for people and organizations to compost in the city.

  • PlugSurfing revolutionises the E-mobility sector. With the PlugSurfing app you’ll find EV charging stations in the whole of Europe. It tells you where to find one and how to get there; shows you in real time whether it’s occupied and – when in Germany or the Netherlands – if it’s payable via the PlugSurfing app or key hanger.

  • Water Lens is a system for real-time chemical analysis of water and other fluids that can be performed at the well site. Building on technology from the University of Texas at Austin, Water Lens enables real-time and accurate onsite testing of drilling fluids and frac water, for a host of contaminants or interfering constituents. While our chemistry is robust, accurate, and sophisticated, it is extremely easy to use and was specifically designed with the harsh oilfield environment in mind. By using Water Lens, operators, oilfield service, chemical, and water recycling companies now have access to the critical data they need, when they need it the most – at the well site. With Water Lens, detailed fluid analysis at the well site is no longer a waiting game.

  • Our mission is to make municipal utilities more reliable, powerful, and effective by automating mutual aid requesting by digitalizing asset and workforce management. Through our platform, we offer a solution for municipal utilities to truly collaborate and leverage their collective strength.

    Our goal is leverage data and analytics capabilities to digitize the process of mutual aid and ensure all of the utilities needs are rapidly met. Our mutual aid system minimizes the labor needed to get all relevant information to responding utilities quickly and minimizes the error in communication, helping to ensure the right work is being
    done, at the correct location, in the most efficient manner. Our solution accounts for the needs of lineman as well,such as every lineman needing a bed, place to eat, access to a laundromat and directions to the nearest fueling station.


  • APOPO is a social enterprise that trains African Giant Rats to save lives using their incredibly strong sense of smell. APOPO implements its HeroRATS as a highly cost effective solution to clear landmines and detect Tuberculosis in Africa and Asia. To date APOP has helped free over 16 million square kilometers of contaminated land and screened over 250,000 people for Tuberculosis on relatively modest budgets. APOPO US is a soon to be 501c3 organization whose goal is to connect the US Public and funding organizations with APOPO’s life saving work. APOPO US will also coordinate research projects on US based HeroRAT applications, including early stage cancer and explosives detection.

  • Capital Health Coach provides health, wellness, nutrition and fitness expertise. CHC offers 15, 30 or 60 minutes via the telephone with one of our health coaches. Consumers and businesses can easily browse our directory of experts, and select a health coach based upon the different backgrounds. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

  • DailyHealth, a digital health media startup, focuses on improving health and wellness. We deliver the best news and tips from reputable trusted sources on health and wellness, fitness, nutrition, healthy recipes, and more to your inbox. DailyHealth aims to educate, motivate, and empower you to make smarter choices for a healthier and happy life.

  • Dorsata is a care pathway development and distribution platform used by healthcare providers to reduce variation, cut waste, and improve patient outcomes and safety. Care pathways, traditionally created and stored in published papers, are rapidly becoming the best practice rules that power day-to-day decisions and processes in the clinical setting. Just as Xcode and GitHub provide mobile application developers the tools needed to build and share software, Dorsata provides clinical staff (physicians, nurses, and administrators) the tools they need to build and distribute care pathways.

    Ultimately, Dorsata’s repository of care pathways will serve as a marketplace/app store for healthcare providers to monetize their methodology and processes by selling their care pathways to other institutions.

  • eMedical Passport is a patient centric mobile telehealth SaaS solution that provides cost savings to health care systems by reducing the penalty for hospital re-admissions while improving the quality of life for patients with chronic diseases and other illnesses.

  • GymLion is a fitness benefits company that gives employees corporate discounts at local gyms, studios and trainers.

  • The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) is a public benefit corporation (B-Corp) whose mission is to improve human health and wellbeing through the built environment. B-Corps like IWBI are an emerging US corporate structure for corporations committed to balancing public benefits with profitability – harnessing the power of private capital for greater good.

    IWBI administers the WELL Building Standard, which measures how buildings work for the people who use them. WELL Certification is based on performance across seven categories including air, water, light, nourishment, fitness, comfort, and mind. WELL works harmoniously with LEED, and is third-party certified by GBCI.

  • Linked Senior is a cloud based dementia engagement software used by assisted living communities and nursing homes to increases the quality of life of people living with dementia such as Alzheimer’s. Sold to the nursing home, it is used by family and staff to engage seniors to manage behaviors and reduce the use of anti psychotic drugs. Therapeutic and stimulating content include cognitive games, brain fitness, music therapy, reminiscing tools and other interventions.

  • OpenHealth is a pioneering mobile health platform, enabling healthcare providers and non-profits to create amazing mobile applications in days, not months, and for a fraction of cost of traditional development. From HIPAA-compliant backend, to integration with wearable devices, to social engagement, video, and data collection — we have our customers’ needs covered. Currently serving two major research universities, many patient-oriented non-profits and mobile health startups.

  • Ostendio is an Arlington, VA based data security & risk management solutions provider that delivers affordable compliance management solutions to digital health providers. Ostendio’s MyVirtualComplianceManager™ (MyVCM™) is a cloud based platform that delivers an easy to use, cost-effective way for health systems, health plans and health IT companies to manage their risk and improve their Information Security posture. MyVCM also allows companies to share their compliance data with each other creating a trusted compliance network to foster securer collaboration.

  • Supportal (an iOS app) connects people who are coping with health problems (e.g., alcoholism/addiction, cancer, infertility, HIV, combat PTSD) or difficult life circumstances (e.g., family members of suicide victims) on anonymous phone calls with similarly situated people at the push of a button. We “soft launched” Supportal in November 2014 with a limited universe of groups related to alcoholism and addiction. More groups will be coming soon.

  • BushyTail Health helps people with chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension get better. We use monetary rewards and competition as motivators to help patients meet their goals. BushyTail uses the data acquired from these competitions to enable healthcare systems to identify patient profiles which are refractory to treatment and define successful care algorithms. In a pay-for-performance healthcare system, BushyTail helps clinicians who value preventive medicine deliver efficacious care.

  • Origent reduces drug development risk through better foresight. Our software and predictive analytics platform empower users to translate their data into the future, using sophisticated statistical models to better understand and predict disease behavior for individual patients. Origent helps biotechs and pharmaceuticals companies manage their drug candidate portfolios, reduce development costs and risks, and improve the success rates of their clinical trials. We are particularly dedicated to helping accelerate the creation of cures and new therapies for neurological and neuromuscular diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and ALS.

  • At QIP Solutions, we are changing the paradigm that compliance in the healthcare industry must be complex, inefficient, and expensive. Our versatile and extensible Software as a Solution quickly and efficiently allows organizations to meet any compliance or certification goal; from HIPAA and HITECH compliance to Patient Centered Medical Home certification and beyond.

  • Senior65 develops tools to help seniors easily navigate Medicare and Medicare Insurance online. Over 10,000 seniors turn 65 each day and the majority of them will purchase some sort of additional Medicare insurance. Launched in 2014 at 1776, Senior65 has turned historically paper-based and confusing process into a simple 3 step system which includes a price-transparent insurance marketplace where users can quickly quote and purchase their coverage online.

  • Optimantra provides a practice & patient management platform for the wellness and healthcare providers to help manage and grow their practice. The practice management software provides electronic medical records (EMR), scheduling, billing and access to research data. The patient management portal provides the patients with access to medical records and providers.

  • Maya Health Network has created a mobile application for physicians in emerging markets that allows them to easily and securely capture, analyze and communicate patient data. The Maya app provides a solution for electronic medical management in countries where nearly every doctor carries a smartphone and the majority of internet traffic is mobile. Through its app, Maya provides an EMR-lite for developing countries and is helping to lay the tracks for the onrushing locomotive that is revolutionizing healthcare for billions in the developing world.

  • Have you ever left your doctor’s office and thought, “Wait, what am I supposed to do again?” At Infield Health, we put your entire care plan on your mobile phone. From pre-op instructions, to complex video around physical therapy, to chemotherapy plans. It’s all on your phone so you’ll get better, faster.

  • Local Patient is an innovative marketing software platform and lead generation program that provides medical practices with a proprietary, real-time ability to monitor the ongoing success and return on investment for all marketing programs. Developed initially for a dental practice, Local Patient is now expanding to the general medical industry.

  • MediCoverage is an online health insurance brokerage where people can research, compare and purchase health insurance. Through their use of technology and targeting niche markets, they have become one of the leading insurance agencies in the nation.

  • Open Cancer Network is a big data analytics platform enabling identification of unusual patterns causing chronic diseases such as cancer. OCN platform enables collection of non-clinical data such as lifestyle, diet, lifetime exposures to toxins and stressors, and allows users to better understand their disease, to connect with clinical trials and sources of best available treatment. Using Big Data technologies, Open Cancer Network mines this dataset to identify patterns and correlations that may lead to advances in social epidemiology of cancer.

  • Potomac Health Solutions Inc. is a health technology development company based in the Washington DC area, combining expertise in space engineering and elite athletics to revolutionize daily monitoring applications.

  • PXYM is a life-sciences startup, developing a bio-therapeutic platform to arrest and prevent chronic diseases. The company was co-founded by Dartmouth College professors and owns IP on the bio-therapeutic platform currently in the preclinical phase of development.

  • Rebel Desk designs and sells treadmill desks and adjustable-height desks so you can rise up against the sitting culture. We are sitting more than ever (9 hours a day on average) and it is expanding our waistlines, dampening our moods, and shortening our lives. With Rebel Desk, you can walk slowly or stand while you work. Imagine feeling productive, healthy and energetic at your desk! The Rebel Desk is sleek, quiet, and loaded with functional and convenient features. At Rebel Desk, we’re passionate about delivering one message: Sitting sucks. Stand up. Live better. Get a Rebel Desk.

  • CancerIQ is a digital health company that is lowering the barriers to personalized cancer care. We empower your everyday doctor with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver cancer risk assessment, prevention, and genetically-informed treatment.

  • G2Xchange Health – Better Intelligence. Better Decisions.
    The only community dedicated to supporting the Federal Health IT executive who maintains responsibility for growth, G2X Health’s
    primary mission for G2X is to provide its members with timely, real, and actionable intelligence that will enable them to make better decisions and ultimately be better positioned to win new work in this increasingly competitive marketplace.

  • MobiDox is a web based application that will connect patient’s to their EHR vendors, importing, categorizing and visualizing their data. Our application also allows patients to track symptoms, medications, and side effects and complete diaries and questionnaires to track disease progression and medication compliance.
    For the FDA and pharmaceutical companies our solution will provide de-identified patient level data mined from EHR systems. We can even categorize by disease symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and adverse events. This will provide more actionable insight in regards to drug safety and surveillance from clinical trials to post marketing. With MobiDox, we will better connect the producers and consumers of health data.

  • Heudia provides a culturally competent solution that increases access to care for vulnerable populations while reducing avoidable health care expenses paid by hospitals, health systems, and insurance providers. We target the unique needs of lower literacy, limited English proficient, and minority populations that are left un-served by current methods because the lack of primary care and income equality directly impacts their health and productivity while increasing costs for other health consumers.

    Our solution provides a novel mobile technology platform that serves as a catalyst to create and strengthen partnerships between Hospitals, Health Centers, and Medicaid Health Plans. It then enables physicians, health professionals, and family caregivers the ability to navigate/refer patients to the most appropriate centers of care and find the social support patients need to regain their health. Our platform can be easily integrated with other types of digital health technologies, including; care coordination software, data/analytical tools, and mobile health applications to make EMR/EHR systems more meaningful.

  • Design & manufacture of exercise/wellness equipment (TREDLR(TM)) that requires virtually no energy input (Effortless Exercise(TM)) with the benefit being increased circulation. It can be engaged when one is sitting; at a desk, reading, playing video games, watching TV, etc.

    Increased circulation is the cornerstone benefit of exercise and averting the detrimental effects of being sedentary, even for those who workout/run/play sports. Anytime one is sedentary circulation slows to an unhealthy level also known as Sedentary Death Syndrome.

  • RevAscent is a revenue optimization solution for healthcare providers. It is likened to a computer performance optimization tool but for revenue cycle performance. RevAscent optimizes by finding efficient process patterns and required rules for Inpatient and Outpatient claims. Our solution provides the necessary analytics that correlates clinical, financial and rules based data throughout the Revenue Cycle. Our analytics identify areas for revenue improvement and a reduction in your claim denials.


  • ParkedIn is a booking tool used by universities, large events, cities, corporations and individuals to list, manage and monetize parking inventory. Our software-as-a-service tool provides meaningful analytics and flexible booking; our mobile app powers an on-demand marketplace. Hosts list and monetize their space & add valuable supply for parkers.

  • RideAmigos is a transport demand management (TDM) solution, and a national leader of web-based, multi-modal transportation solutions, providing regional commuter networks, multi-modal travel dashboards, survey administration/analytic tools, trip trackers, reward systems, and GIS reporting dashboards. It is currently being used by 100+ organisations like Hulu, Viacom, Fidelity, cities like Denver and Toronto and states such as Utah and California.

  • RideScout is a technology platform that aggregates public, private and social rideshare on its free iOS and Android apps, allowing people to search and compare ground transportation options on demand and in real time. RideScout shows users transit, taxi, ride share, car share, bike share, carpool, walking, biking, driving and parking in one view, with real-time transit arrivals and traffic integration.

    RideScout is based in Austin, Texas with satellite offices in Washington, DC, San Francisco and Chicago. In September of 2014, RideScout was acquired by car2go N.A., a brand of moovel GmbH. The company is now a wholly owned subsidiary under Daimler, the maker of Mercedes Benz.

  • RouteHero is a web and mobile app that provides highly personalized traffic and transit alerts to users in metropolitan areas.

    We help get users to their destination quicker and without interruption by sending alerts customized to the users’ unique driving or transit route, and only sending alerts at times when the user is traveling. With RouteHero, users can avoid both information overload and congestion delays while traveling or commuting.

  • Split is a rideshare service launching in DC in May 2015. Using state-of-the-art routing algorithms, Split provides personalized and affordable on-demand transportation service that takes each passenger to his/her destination while sharing the vehicle with other customers. Unlike our competitors, Split is the first true rideshare because we sell seats instead of individual car trips. This allows one vehicle to handle as many as five distinct trips at once, thereby decreasing traffic congestion and emissions, while delivering convenience and affordability for passengers. Our systems are nuanced, smart and designed to provide the convenience of an on-demand car service at close to the price of public transit.

  • Strengthening Transportation Networks. Pioneering Smarter Cities. Building Stronger Economies.

    Transit Labs uses real-time transportation analytics to help agencies operate their systems more efficiently, get more funds, and report necessary information to governments. We enable operators, planners, and executive leadership to evaluate historical performance, make real-time decisions, and model future service and economic activity.

  • TransitScreen is a transportation software and digital signage company and a pioneer in providing real-time transit information displays. The TransitScreen service is a live, real-time display of all transportation options at a specific location (including subway, bus, train, bikeshare, and carshare). Founded in 2012, TransitScreen makes transit information more accessible, viewable and engaging so that commuters, visitors, residents and employees can make informed transit decisions. TransitScreen is a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) solution to create sustainable, walkable, bike-able cities of the future and inform citizens, promote behavior change, and reduce parking and traffic on city streets. Today, thousands of people live and work in institutions, organizations, companies and shops displaying our multimodal transit information.

  • Next-generation, high-performance, satellite navigation.

  • Hitch is the only DC-based Payment Service Provider (PSP) for taxis in the DC metro area. We provide DC residents and visitors with the fastest and easiest way for pay for taxi fares with credit cards. With over 2000 drivers, Hitch is also the largest PSP in DC.

  • Road Warrior is creating optimized driving routes for small businesses and independent mobile professionals.

  • Clear Skies helps fleet owners convert vehicles to clean inexpensive alternative fuels at no upfront cost.


  • AreaProbe synthesizes real estate and infrastructure development data to enable users to visually analyze the characteristics and future growth of urban neighborhoods.

  • CookNook connects busy foodies with fresh, healthy, authentic meals made by local homecooks for just $10 plus delivery. Sign up to cook or eat today!

  • Today’s real estate industry demands actionable property & market data in real time. Create delivers the intelligence that professionals need to capitalize on market opportunities and stay ahead of the competition. Create brings together research, analysis, and project management to improve efficiency across project teams and fuel economic development.

  • Insights helps ​leaders make smarter decisions by consulting ​the people they want to hear from​. Founded in 2010, our crowd-consulting app turns the wisdom of ​stakeholders into advice decision makers can use. The collective insights helps organizations to improve their performance, solve problems and deliver change. Insights’ innovative, human-driven algorithms enable the crowd to perform most of the analytical tasks, relieving decision makers from wading through tons of responses. Insights’ crowd-consulting app has turned 350,000 stakeholders into advisers who receive precise feedback regarding their personal impact on decisions.

  • Local Roots is dedicated to providing everyone access to fresh, healthy, and affordable locally-grown produce.

    We use controlled-environment farming technologies to grow leafy greens & other herbs down the street from our customers. Our produce is always pesticide-free, herbicide-free, and non-GMO.

    For more information please visit or email us at

  • Moving is kind of like that awkward first day of school, consider us your new friends. We connect businesses and resources with new customers through helpful customized guides. No matter where you are, we can make anywhere feel like home!

  • Urbanful is a destination for celebrating city life and America’s evolving cities. Part magazine, part marketplace, we’re all about the people, organizations and businesses making our communities great. Our stories highlight urban living and innovation in design, technology, culture, transportation and all the great things happening in our cities. Our marketplace features a curated collection of products from small businesses, local makers and small batch manufacturers.

    We’re bringing you the scoop on what’s happening today in the cities of tomorrow and the goods that get you there.

  • Vizonomy is a geospatial and data visualization consultancy that is focused on commoditizing the development of climate risk assessments to not only raise awareness about natural hazards but to also help governments better optimize their resources for disaster risk reduction. We’re doing this by using publicly available spatial data, near real-time satellite imagery, and social media data mining to develop a suite of integrated analytics tools.

  • YOPP is a shopping social network that helps shoppers find exactly what they are looking for, wherever they are, with help from other shoppers and local businesses.

  • Locus Social is a location-aware, interest-driven, and behavior- projecting multi-functional social platform.
    Locus Social’s patent-pending iLABA platform (Integrated LBS and behavior analytical Platform) with the world’s fastest Location-based big data processing engine served as an enabler to fill the gaps and meet the needs of the existing social network operators, advertising agencies, small businesses, large enterprises, mobile service providers, schools and more.With Locus Social consumer-facing app: Zoom Social, users can discover what is happening around the world in real-time by analyzing all location-based social network information and presenting it on a dynamic heat map.

  • ZeroCycle is a SaaS that turns garbage into recycling using big data and behavioral science.

  • Brigade is a technology company founded in 2014 with the goal of reenergizing public participation in our democracy. Brigade is for expressing yourself, learning about your friends and finding common ground—together. It’s for making sure your voice is heard and your actions are meaningful.

  • Citizenhub provides mobile app developers with a Google Glass development platform that handles the entire mobile application process, indcluding: databasing, scheduling, editing, user management, analytics, geotagging/geofencing, and deployment. Citizenhub also focuses on creating their own mobile applications geared towards helping citizens improve their communities.

  • DroneShield is the market leader in drone detection systems. The DroneShield system alerts facilities to the presence of drones through an enterprise-grade sensor network and alerting architecture that can integrate with existing security systems. DroneShield warns of threats to executive personnel, sensitive facilities, airports, and intellectual property and accelerates the apprehension and prosecution of violators through real-time warning and digital evidence.

  • GreaterPlaces is the Houzz for urban planning. Our company brings all aspects of community design under one digital roof. Users can upload, browse and interact with each other with examples of the best plans, policies and placemaking. Our focus on solutions supports our advertising platform that offers new ways to reach influencers and decision makers seeking innovative goods and services.

  • Handy is the easiest way to get stuff done around the house. Within a couple of minutes, you can book a pre-approved cleaner or handyman for whatever time you like. All you have to do is tell us what you need to get done, where you live, and what time works for you, and we do the rest!

  • HomeTrackR instantly delivers critical information about homes in an easy to understand report for less than $50. QuickLook reports can save buyers and agents time and money making offers on homes with a negative history of insurance claims and inaccurate permit & inspection records. Our report tool offers peace of mind for a fraction of the cost of a physical home inspection.

  • gives users control, privacy and security when sharing their identity online and allows users to monetize their information. In the public sector, provides a single login that citizens may use to access numerous secure government websites through www.Connect.Gov. In the retail sector,’s group verification technology powers the affinity marketing programs for over 130 name brands including Under Armour, and Dell.’s ability to authoritatively verify affinity groups like the military and students gives companies direct access to large and diverse customer bases. By targeting offers and rewards to affinity groups based on identity, companies generate loyalty on an emotional level that will keep new and old customers returning.

  • is an unbiased and non-partisan political matchmaking site that provides voters with insight on which candidates most closely align with their views on current political issues.

  • Spend Consciously is at the forefront of the convergence between big data, commerce, politics and technology. We are building an app and website that will build the 21st century bridge between corporations and consumers. By simply scanning a bar code, consumers can instantly determine whether what they are buying matches their individual values.

  • SurveySnap is a software company that has a site-survey platform for the architecture, engineering and construction industry (AEC Industry). The product was conceived by 2 professionals that did site-surveys for a living with over 20 years experience in the industry. The team also has backgrounds in entrepreneurship and software development. The platform uses a unique process for doing site-survey that enables users to save time, increase efficiency and win more business during the site-survey process.

  • The Wireless Registry has built a global, patented infrastructure for wireless names and identifiers, creating a new world of proximal awareness and content. It gives individuals and businesses the power to take control of their wireless identity and engage with their surroundings in ways never before possible, enabling thousands of new proximal services.

  • Big data SAAS product for financial market analysis. We collect novel and relevant finance-oriented datasets from wikipedia, facebook, linkedin, twitter, job postings, news, search, and others, add value through natural language processing and machine learning, and allow users to explore the data to better understand their investments from new angles.

  • SeamlessDocs specializes in working with Governments to understand their form processes and help them digitize and automate their operations. Regardless of your size, if you have form problems we have solutions to increase efficiency, drive savings and meet initiatives.

  • HandUp’s charitable giving platform provides donors with a new, simple and direct way to impact the lives of their homeless neighbors and other low-income locals. HandUp connects these populations to case workers at some of the most well-respected social service organizations in the nation for further assistance. With resources and words of support, our community of donors also strengthen safety nets that our members can call upon in times of need.

  • ProTrakr is a project tracking web app for utility, highway, and general contractors. Its intuitive design lets job-site personnel track and send daily production quantities, hours, and field notes directly to the office from any device in just two steps.

  • LandFAX is the most trusted resource for geographic intelligence on real estate on the planet. With hundreds of data layers, we quickly and easily, get the dirt on your dirt.

    Get the FACTS, get a LandFAX.


  • Aspire helps companies easily provide and manage meaningful workplace perks and benefits for their employees. Through the Aspire platform, we learn about the needs of employees in and out of the workplace, customize a perks program that aligns to those needs, manage the perk administration, and track the impact of those perks to ensure that companies optimize the dollars they’re spending on perks and benefits.

    Through our network of local vendors, we help companies provide everything from catered lunches and fitness classes to on-demand dry cleaning and meal delivery services to their employees. Our software is free to use, makes managing perks simple, and will create a better workplace for your employees.

  • Bookalokal is a website that connects people to unique, local dining experiences around the world. Hosts using the platform include food bloggers, aspiring chefs, food entrepreneurs and independent restaurants, while guests range from travelers and expats to local people who love food and want to meet new people in a culinary setting.

  • Cloqworq is helping star students take on extracurriculars, committed parents chase career ambitions, and even workaholics find time for exercise. Our revolutionary planning engine intelligently schedules to-dos on a customized calendar, making it easy for busy people to devote time to the important things in their lives. Through an ecosystem of smart apps and integrated hardware, Cloqworq is a helpful partner anywhere.
    Be ambitious. Stay balanced.

  • I am currently developing the DC Safe Pod at 1776, a tech incubator located at 1134 15th St. NW, 12th Floor, Washington, DC, 20005. The Safe Network, due to launch in early 2015, will be one of the most exciting and disruptive new technologies to enter the marketplace. The main objective of the network is to eliminate the need for servers and provide a safe, secure distributive access to the network by allowing users to give up a portion of unused disk space from their computers, tablets or phones to access various supported applications. Expected early applications will include file storage, email, web sites, crypto wallets,document signing, and many more. I am currently looking for partners interested in taking existing applications and converting them to work on the new Safe Network.

  • Drizly is the technology company powering fast, convenient delivery of beer, wine and liquor to consumers across the United States. With a free mobile lifestyle app for iOS and Android, and an e-commerce Web site, consumers of legal drinking age simply log in and with a few clicks, their favorite beer, wine or liquor is on its way. Delivery drivers authenticate and validate IDs upon arrival using proprietary Drizly technology. Backed by a world-class group of angel and institutional investors, the company has raised $4.8 million to become the premier alcohol delivery service in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, St. Louis, Washington D.C., and other cities across the United States.

  • Fanaticall offers proprietary technology and software services to power white label Expert Calling Networks or “ECNs.” An ECN is a group of subject matter experts paid to offer opinions or share knowledge. Fanaticall is a portfolio company of TomorrowVentures, the investment arm of Google Chairman Eric Schmidt.

  • Geared for Good is a web-based platform that enables fundraising organizations to engage their participants with a powerful community-based approach, establishing new communication channels between the organization and its participants, among the participants themselves, and between the participants and their donors.

    Geared for Good empowers anyone to instantly create and promote global, virtual charity events, connecting individuals across cultural divides in a common quest to fight diseases and support causes that know no political or geographical boundaries.

    Geared for Good is built from the ground up to be focused solely on making active fundraising more effective, engaging and enjoyable for all involved. Or mission is to engage, connect and inspire both fundraisers and donors, resulting in more impactful active fundraising campaigns.

  • With GoodWorld’s technology, you can now #donate to your favorite charities without ever leaving Facebook or Twitter. GoodWorld revolutionizes social media fundraising for charities and makes online giving easier, faster, and more effective. Launched on October 7, 2014, GoodWorld was dubbed the “Uber or iTunes of Philanthropy” by the Washington Post. It has since experienced rapid growth, and the ALS Association, No Kid Hungry, and Humane Society International are among many charities clambering to use GoodWorld. It costs nothing upfront and allows supporters and advocates to give and share in an instant without ever leaving social media.

  • Govlish is a data-driven tool for navigating our government, the largest, most complex organization on the planet. Every month, users conduct 14 million searches to decipher the language of government. We aggregate, analyze, organize, format, categorize, and curate more than 100,000 government terms–acronyms, abbreviations, codes, initialisms, dba’s, aka’s and other terms that defy classification. Govlish is the most complete, timely, accurate, and user friendly resource anywhere for connecting with your government.

  • Hire.Bid allows anyone in the U.S. to auction their free time on nights, weekends, and otherwise to be bid upon by prospective clients needing a helping hand on anything from complex matters to simple tasks. Hire.Bid’s auction marketplace turns the traditional online model of connecting service providers and clients on its head. Instead of clients posting projects to be bid upon by service providers, Hire.Bid provides an auction marketplace for service providers to offer their available time blocks to be bid upon by prospective clients. Hire.Bid beta launched in December 2014.

  • iMogul is a Crowdsourcing and Investment platform which connects screenwriters and independent (Indie) film producers with investors by leveraging opinion driven users’ feedback and big data analytics through crowd engagement and a predictive engine. iMogul introduces an audience to a film project before it is produced, builds a fan base, and puts investors in a deal room with filmmakers to facilitate the completion of the project. The fan base helps to determine what films are made and the appetite for the quantity of films produced.

  • Kickball365 is a Social Sports Company founded in 2010.

    We are focused to recognize kickball as a professional sport in America.

    We produces The Circuit, the only national, professional tour of top-flight, competitive kickball tournaments.

    We are excited to offer tournaments that are one-of-a-kind social & competitive vacation experiences where teams compete to win prizes.

  • KlickOrder is a food ordering app in the DC area. We have partnered with almost 200 local restaurants that do takeout and delivery. Customers can browse for restaurants that are close by and easily order items from the menu with few clicks. Our app has several powerful features; two clicks to split the cost with friends, an automatic loyalty program, a jackpot-style method for earning discounts, and 500,000 restaurant reviews.

  • NextPlay helps youth sports organizations build better teams by allowing them to plan, run and analyze tryouts or assessments with their mobile devices. We serve customers across 8 sports at all levels – from local rec leagues to elite showcases, combines and scouts nationwide.

  • On Second Thought is a messaging app that lets you take back text messages before they get to the other person’s phone.

  • Pelonkey offers performance artists a suite of easy to use online tools to conduct their day to day business online. Contracts, invoices, payments, tax and legal help, promotion, scheduling and more are all accessible on Pelonkey’s easy to use platform for entertainers.

    Event planners in search of great entertainment options can use Pelonkey to search and filter our database of performers based on their needs, read information and reviews for each performer, and make inquiries to book and negotiate talent directly online.

  • QxBranch is a software and consulting company that helps organizations understand and take advantage of pioneering quantum computing technologies. Quantum computing is a rapidly emerging technology with the potential to crack previously unsolvable challenges in mathematics and computer science. Leveraging access to quantum computing technologies, QxBranch develops software applications, benchmark analysis, and provides consulting services to customers in the finance, aerospace, biotech, and oil and gas industries.

  • RedOwl is a behavioral analytics company which provides organizations powerful, comprehensive, and cost effective ways to mitigate insider threat and information leakage. From faster internal investigations to radically improved compliance and monitoring capabilities RedOwl is changing how firms provide responsible oversight of their employees. RedOwl’s dynamic software, Reveal, combines a data fusion platform with an analytic engine that ingests multiple people-centric data streams into an integrated interface to identify changes, patterns and anomalies in employees’ activities, behaviors and relationships over time across multiple modes of data. RedOwl is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland with offices in New York City and San Francisco and was named the most innovative company at the RSA Innovation Sandbox competition in 2014. RedOwl’s investors include CEO and Chairman, Marc Benioff, as well as Igor Sill of Geneva Venture Group and Kevin Plank’s Sagamore Ventures.

  • There is a growing need for real time data from the billions of sensors out there such as power, water, air quality, and many more. Senseware is the first ‘Sensors as a Service’ company whose platform enables companies to use Senseware’s real time data streams from low cost wireless sensor networks to drive cost savings, operational improvements, and new revenue opportunities. Senseware enables an IoT data cloud, letting enterprises cost effectively and easily produce usable real time data from a physical environment. Whereas existing solutions rely on selling costly proprietary hardware and have limited software components or value, Senseware flips the model.

  • STYLECABLE is a curated marketplace that features independent fashion designers. It is a platform where designers can share their stories and inspirations and connect with customers. Consumers can discover unique pieces, become fans of the designers and directly purchase or preorder the items. Reminiscent of shopping in a trendy London market or a luxury boutique in Hong Kong, STYLECABLE offers intelligent aesthetics, clean silhouettes, and customized selections. Launched in April 2014, STYLECABLE has been named by Refinery29 as a new fashion tech startup to bookmark and STYLECABLE’s Founder, Uyen Tang was named one of DC’s 40 Power Women in Tech in 2014.

  • We’re a create agency that produces award winning television ads and builds comprehensive, digitally-powered communications campaigns for brands, non-profits, and political campaigns.

  • Urban Igloo is a disruptor in the residential real estate market. We help renters find homes, navigating them through the quintessence of different neighborhoods and the intricacies of different buildings. Landlords pay our fee but we represent renters (all of our agents are licensed real estate agents). We remain focused on the consumer (the renter), not unlike other popular marketplaces: eBay, Etsy, Carmax, We provide real live service to an underserved demographic — the renter.

  • If only you knew…the 10 influencers who will win your first million customers, the scale of your untapped market, and how best to leverage social media for positive and profitable outcomes. What you don’t know is opportunity lost, and Verifeed listens, learns and leverages millions of social conversations to unearth valuable strategic “social intelligence”. We work with F500 brands, startups, campaigns and causes to accelerate profitable and positive outcomes. Want to build brand awareness, find your early adopter ‘believers’, and recruit the influencers who will spearhead viral ‘word of mouth’? Want consumer and industry insights to power precision-targeted content marketing across all platforms? How about growing user adoption, conversions and revenue? There’s a cost of not knowing, and Verifeed customers have the edge. More at and at Twitter @Veriate

  • Wealthminder’s goal is to help all Americans achieve their long-term financial goals. The Wealthminder platform includes sophisticated financial planning and automated investment advice tools delivered in the cloud through an intuitive interface. Our platform is offered in conjunction with independent financial advisors.

  • Ignite is a mobile app that helps make get togethers happen. It allows you to easily pitch your ideas, and others can follow them. If you get enough traction, you can make them happen. Similarly within those ideas you can follow the best time, best location, or who’s bringing the beer. You also get a feed of what everyone else is up for, such as your buddy wanting to grab drinks tonight, play soccer next week, or host a public tech startup event next month.

  • Imagine If, Inc. is a DC-based travel and hospitality company, founded by a team of local hotel insiders. With backgrounds at Marriott, the US Army, and Kimpton, we bring a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. Our premier app, StayAtHand, and recently launched site,, revolutionize how hotel rooms are found and sold online by providing unparalleled search capabilities and speed. Our primary goal is to improve the relationship between people and technology by infusing the online booking experience with true efficiency and customer service. We believe in putting the customer first, so when you book with us we treat you like our guest. We’re bringing the hospitality back to the travel industry, one stay at a time.

  • InkWorks delivers cost savings, time savings, and other quantifiable results to the print and marketing product needs of organizations.  From the day to day of business cards to larger matters, InkWorks brings value and innovation to a purchase category filled with disorganization, inconsistent pricing, and other fragmented issues.

  • GVH Live is a digital media start-up powered by Millennials!

    A CNN newsource affiliate, GVH Live focuses on presenting the Millennial perspective on news and politics through original programming and live events.

    GVH Live offers video programming, blogs and podcasts supported by a team of professional videographers, editors, correspondents and journalists with oversight by experts in newsgathering, broadcast television and radio.

    Offering video production, post production and graphic animation services; GVH Live provides quality service and uniquely creative content for all its clients.

  • The Wireless Registry has built a global, patented infrastructure for wireless names and identifiers, creating a new world of proximal awareness and content. It gives individuals and businesses the power to take control of their wireless identity and engage with their surroundings in ways never before possible, enabling thousands of new proximal services.

  • The DeVere’ Group, LLC is currently building and planning to release an e-business card mobile and web application to help users elevate, build and manage their global connections, both professional and personal; enhance their interpersonal networking; and market their capabilities.

  • Yapper is a location based chat application that allows users to participate in group chats with everyone nearby. Integrated with Meetup and Eventbrite, a Yapper chat room automatically appears at the location of every event. Yapper also gives the user the ability to create their own conversations and broadcast them to people nearby.

  • Greg’s List DC is a carefully curated calendar of the best social events in the Washington, DC area. Nowhere to go? Know where to go!

  • FairWear is building an economic model that puts the $1 Trillion the world spends making its clothes to work giving garment workers a fair shot in life. Through ethical manufacturing practices we enable garment workers (85% of whom are women) to earn a reasonable income needed to feed their families, educate their children, and build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

  • Tagazu is a revolutionary tool to dynamically tag objects within a video. This platform will change the way we watch videos, and the way we interact with them.
    Upload, tag, or watch videos using our unique motion tracking tagging solution. Our platform helps add clickable hotspots on the video, helping the user to identify objects, people, places, music, and more. When clicking on the hotspots specific details of the video will appear, including descriptions and links to other websites, for purchasing identified items or gathering more information.

  • As an international consulting and project management firm, InfinitySquared provides support and advisory services to collaborative partnerships between businesses, governments, and nonprofits. We advise clients on initiatives that create both social and economic value through services ranging from partner integration to program conceptualization, execution and ongoing evaluation.

  • Beyonic is eliminating the need to use cash in emerging markets. We create platforms for business to easily make and receive payments via mobile money.

  • Magnify.It enables cause-based organizations to significantly increase donor conversion rates. These organizations are increasingly receiving more of their donations online, yet the conversion rates for the most utilized digital communications tool, email, are still very low. Magnify.It solves this problem by providing nonprofit organizations with the tools they need to create engaging mobile optimized donation portals, and seamless one-click donate email campaigns.

    Magnify.It – Better, Faster, Smarter.

  • SOZO Solutions provides top notch IT solutions for different industries. Currently we are building a social networking mobile app. Who of your contacts or professionals with common interests who are going to be on the same flight, airport, or city you are traveling to? With “Meet OnTheGo” plan your trip before you go, never waste a moment!!

  • Stories Incorporated celebrates companies with great corporate cultures. We extract an organization’s stories and bring them to life through interactive, engaging media for the entire employee lifecycle: recruiting, onboarding, engagement, internal communication, & recognition. Companies use our tools to scale culture, and authentically brand employers. We coined the term “culturography,” because we believe that the study of a company’s culture — through the stories of their founders, employees, and anyone else with an interesting perspective — is crucial to their growth, success, and the well-being of their people.

  • Vibe Check provides occupancy based analytics for the quick service and fast casual restaurant industries. Using cutting edge installed hardware, Vibe Check captures occupancy flow data and uses it to help restaurant owners understand customer behavior and improve employee management.

  • Cause IQ provides business intelligence on the nonprofit sector. Our customers are financial, accounting, and IT firms that have nonprofits clients. The Cause IQ website helps them generate leads, conduct market research, and track their competition. Our customers include TD Bank, BDO, and Blackbaud, among many others.

  • UBELONG makes it easy for you to volunteer and learn abroad.

  • Luhring SurvivalWare develops, sells, and supports financial analysis and cash flow projection software for small and medium-sized companies. The flagship product, SurvivalWare, provides businesses with core insights into their profitability and cash flow so they can make smarter business decisions. The company offers training for “do it yourself” customers and provides consulting services for clients who want custom-built financial models. SurvivalWare is an alternative to spreadsheets for complicated financial models, and is especially useful for multi-location companies who need to consolidate results.

  • Socially responsible outsourcing improves your bottom-line and allows you to contribute positively to disadvantaged communities around the globe. We enable you to effortlessly send work to high quality, low-cost, socially responsible business process outsourcing (BPO) providers all over the world.

  • Social Grinder’s global team implements and maintains digital projects. We’ve successfully enabled small and large multinational enterprises to outsource web design and development projects and automate digital business processes. We manage social media and SEO work performed in Kenya.

  • Gangbox is a hiring platform for the construction industry. We help companies validate their candidate’s skills using performance reviews from their coworkers, instead of just a résumé.

  • Subject7 provides cloud-based software test automation, load testing, and accessibility testing for web and mobile applications for anyone with any level of technical expertise.

  • TrendPo is the leading creator of custom social media news tickers. Track and monitor newsmakers in your industry before they hit the mainstream.

  • Ncrease’s social login add-on, we call Siren™ , analyzes your users’ social network accounts to find high quality leads based on shared interests. The leads identified are then contacted by the user and provided with a trackable link to increase visitor conversions.

  • 10io products and services makes developing, deploying, and operating personal secure private cloud infrastructures and data centers simple and inexpensive. It is scalable and highly reliable IT infrastructure consisting of a custom-developed software fabric managing constellations of powerful but low-power CPUs, GPUs and storage devices. Access it as a non-virtualized, dedicated platform-as-a-service (PaaS), or house it in a rugged, self-contained, drop-shippable chassis that you can deploy-and-plug-in *anywhere*.

  • Bitium helps companies manage web-based Apps like collaboration tools, CRMs, social networks, accounting programs, bug trackers, customer service dashboards, marketing tools, and other Software-as-a-Service.

  • BlissInvite has deconstructed the science of exchanging correspondence. We provide an end-to-end online solution that allows a person planning an event to mail personalized paper invitations with beautiful hand calligraphy from their computer directly to their guests.

  • BrightRoll is the largest independent video advertising platform for reaching audiences across web, mobile and connected TV. The company powers digital video advertising for the world’s largest brands including 90 percent of the top 50 US advertisers and 170 of the top 20 advertising technology companies. The platform enables advertisers to reach 4 in 5 video viewers online and consistently ranks among the top two video ad platforms in ads served. As a result, BrightRoll technology collects and analyzes hundreds of billions of data points monthly enabling real-time decisions that drive ROI for advertisers.

  • CAPSOOLE allows individuals to protect their digital being in case of emergency, without having to hand over potentially sensitive information to others.

  • CoconutOrchard is a web platform to connect U.S. diasporas with startups and small businesses based on their shared community ties, nationality or country-of-origin.

  • CrowdTrust is an information verification service for crowdfunding platforms. UsersÍ data is stored with a unique ID in an information database that investors, donors, and platforms can access for free. By providing due diligence checks on crowdfunding issuers in the securities, donation, and rewards based crowdfunding markets, CrowdTrust offers users a trusted source for seeking funding.

  • daapr is a social media platform specifically dedicated to the sharing and discovery of online content. daapr provides users with a highly-visual feed that aggregates all the content (i.e. links) shared by the people they are following on the site. At the same time, daapr allows users to share comfortably to an audience of followers who have expressed an explicit interest in what they are reading and watching.

  • Daily Deed believes people want to make the world a better place, but are often lost in the maze of information online. By providing an interactive and personal platform that responds to user interaction, Daily Deed makes supporting the projects that matter to donors easy and fun! Users can manage their charitable contributions and organizations can connect with relevant donors.

  • Data Community DC promotes data scientists, their work, and their businesses in the DC Metro area. We organize events around data visualization, data science, statistical programing, and data business. These events include introductory events, hackathons, workshops, conferences, and competitions all focused on data science. What can Data do for you?

  • DeafTV is a streaming video platform for people who are interested in learning and/or using sign language. There are and will be an accumulative demand for multi-access to centralized collections of sign-centric videos. Sign-centric videos are feasible and used in various settings such as, but not limited to, educational, entertainment, advocacy and newsworthy purposes.

  • Fanamana creates mobile live-action games that make fantasy sports more social, exciting, and accessible. Utilizing live data from sporting events, users generate content in the form of virtual games by making picks in real time. Fanamana Baseball is currently available in the iOS App Store.

  • Generation Opportunity (GenOpp) is a free-thinking, liberty-loving, national organization of young people promoting the best of America: opportunity, creativity and freedom.

  • Ghost Note Media is a digital communications agency based in Washington, DC. We are dedicated to using innovative ideas & developing new technology to create unique experiences for our clients and customers. Whether through strategy, design or development, our work is geared towards creating lasting bonds between people and brands.

  • At Golfswell, we believe being in nature and spending time with family and friends brings joy to people’s lives. Unfortunately, the golf industry is losing players every year because people simply don’t have the time to play. Golfswell is using technology to solve the game’s biggest problem and fulfill its mission to give everyone the opportunity to play.

  • Based on real-time user-generated event posts, Gravtate pinpoints hot spots of things to do in cities across the US. Launching as a mobile app, Gravtate is testing integration with a popular DC-based social events website as the prototype for a new map focused service.

  • HaystaqDNA develops cutting-edge “big data” strategies and individual-level predictive analytics for  Fortune 500 companies, leading nonprofit innovators, and progressive candidates around the world. Their methods and technology have contributed to scores of electoral victories, including Barack Obama’s landmark campaign for President, and now they bringing their expertise to the rest of the world.

  • Hinge is a matchmaking community that connects users through mutual friends and provides great local events for introductions. Every day at noon, Hinge users see a new batch of potential matches. Users can save their favorites, and Hinge makes the introduction whenever thereÍs mutual attraction. No need to worry about picking the right spot for a first date _ Hinge offers monthly mixers and parties for just that. Hinge is the best way to meet dates through your friends, both online and offline.

  • Honeycomb3D provides browser-based CAD modeling for 3D Printing.

  • Remember. Respect. Retell. Honor Tag allows families to share the stories of fallen heroes from the Revolution to present day. Regardless where our troops served and died, Honor Tag memorializes their sacrifice and thanks them for their service.

  • InAffinity Networks works with targeted groups to assist entrepreneurs with capital formation and business development.

  • Inno Product Lab is a product design company. We design and develop innovative solutions to everyday problems. We are currently working on innovative and flexible packaging solutions designed to facilitate healthier eating habits.

  • Inteliscale is a cloud management platform that ensures high reliability, scalability and performance.

  • Koverse, Inc, separates signal from noise for data-driven organizations. Delivering meaningful insights to your organization so you can increase effectiveness in every aspect of business. The Koverse platform consolidates the elements required for deriving actionable insight from data.

  • Jokket is a local marketplace for freelancers and employers built on one simple trust score. Jokket takes capitalism in the freelance space to the next level, emphasizing trust to spur competition like never before. Our algorithm scores employers and freelancers in the community out of 100, taking into account reviews from both parties in order to minimize bias. By tracking discrepancies in ratings over time, we create one simple score that shows quality at a glance. When paired with real time bidding, contract creation, and direct payment gateways, Jokket helps employers maximize quality while minimizing cost, and allows freelancers to quickly find work with worthy employers.

  • makes it easy for any sports team to broadcast like the pros. Our platform allows teams to create live, ESPN-like webcasts, offering the same HD video, audio, stats, and social features that fans demand from professional sports teams. Simple production tools guide broadcasters every step of the way, and enhance quality by automatically generating overlays, transitions, graphics, and montages. No expensive equipment is needed, as we maximize the capabilities of off-the-shelf technology such as laptops, smartphones, and consumer-grade HD cameras. We also provide a library of high quality ads from national and local advertisers, which broadcasters can run during games whenever they desire to earn revenue. Fans can access content with the simplicity of large professional outlets such as Fans can share clips and highlights instantly on social networks, along with collectively curating notable plays and events.

  • Mezzobit simplifies, manages and monitors data flows from our customers’ websites and mobile apps — like publishers and e-commerce sites — to business partners like ad networks and analytics providers, achieving cost savings, decreased risk and increased agility. Our Trusted Data Interchange uses three levels of technology — tag management, server-to-server interfaces, and virtual tags — to replace dozens of customer tags with simplified data collection easily managed through a web portal. Mezzobit data protocols are set by an independent non-profit,, providing continuous compliance monitoring and customer reporting ensuring the highest levels of accountability and transparency. This creates the Internet’s only socially responsible data interchange platform and a credible way to handle self-regulation. There are 30K companies globally in the market for data interchange services, with most outside the Global 2000. We offer free onramp products for long-tail SMB customers, with later services targeted to more sophisticated large enterprises.

  • Military Job Networks is reshaping how veterans and military service members are hired and develop careers in AmericaÍs available workforce. Through an online platform, Military Job Networks enables businesses to quickly be matched with verified Veterans while also providing community forums and an online resource directory to ensure successful employee onboarding, management, and development.

  • mosojo’s appmodable platform distributes user customizations to installed apps via url. We are the only service that invites creative users to build and share custom in-app experiences after the app is released. We empower developers to deploy customizable and open mobile apps reimagined as a publishing opportunity for end users, where the experience is co-produced with the audience.

  • Narrative Science is the leader in automated narrative generation for the enterprise. Powered by artificial intelligence, its Quill™ platform analyzes data from disparate sources, understands what is important, then automatically generates perfectly written narratives to convey meaning from the data for any intended consumer or business audience, at unlimited scale. It does what data visualizations cannot: it identifies and conveys relevant information in conversational language that people can immediately comprehend, trust and act on. Organizations rely on Narrative Science to better serve customers with useful written content and to increase efficiency, freeing employees to focus on high-productivity activities and innovation.

  • Partfiniti is a cloud based tool and market place for manufacturers, vendors and consumers of technical and industrial products. Our Bill of Materials(BOM) and Request for Quote (RFQ) tool makes the process of finding and pricing configurable products quick and easy. With billions of products listed the user can save many hours of searching for and pricing all the products needed for a project.

  • PlateDate is an online personal chef service that uses fresh, locally grown produce. We make hiring a personal chef easy and fun! Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a fun get-together with friends, Your Personal Chef Awaits at PlateDate!

  • Quume is a cloud-based learning management app that makes it easy for working professionals to own their professional development and allows enterprise HR to educate, engage, and empower a 24/7 mobile workforce. The nature of work, learning, and career development is changing fast and Quume provides a lightweight, portable, and customizable platform built for all stages of the employee lifecycle.

  • Smart Wedding Registry is a website dedicated to kick-starting the lives of newlyweds. By signing up, the bride and groom can easily track their registry items. The online interface makes registering a student loan as easy as registering a set of wine glasses with a traditional registry.

  • Studio Publishing runs the largest Facebook-based content network. Leveraging FB Pages for distribution and scale, we reach over 20mm readers each day through a suite of 50 interest-specific magazines.

  • The Morning Consult is a digital media company covering the intersection of Washington and business strategy. The Morning Consult serves industry executives, government officials, and policy advisers through morning email briefings, polling products, and national events.

  • WebNet Hosting is building a DVD Streaming Platform allowing publishers to easily upload physical DVDs and allow them to be sold on the web via streaming and downloadable products available on any device.

  • VinoLovers is a new online wine subscription experience that matches wine lovers with the perfect wine pairing based on their individualized preferences. No more aimlessly selecting wines. Vinolovers brings boutique wines to your doorsteps through a buying experience that is educational, personalized, and convenient.

  • iRevü helps customers save money, improve productivity, and protect the organization by providing near-immediate, documented performance micro-feedback to employees through their mobile performance management app.

    By adapting traditional HR practices to meet today’s high-frequency, high-feedback employee needs, iRevü enables organizations to maximize the energy, abilities and technological know-how of all generations in the workforce including Millennials who are a significant and growing percentage of workers.

    Delivered through cloud with virtually no IT footprint, iRevü makes review time easier for managers & HR by eliminating performance black holes and reducing end-of-year crunch while providing extensive financial and operational benefits.

  • Remember the paper receipt? Not for long. We are partnering with merchants to get your receipts sent straight to the cloud. Available when you want it, gone when you don’t. Simply pull up the app to make a return—no need to show your paper trail. It is time to lose the shoebox and stop the wallet receipt bulge. Piper’s enterprise platform connects receipt data across existing merchant POS silos for use by both marketers and consumers.

  • Wesh App is a platform that enables individuals connect with their community while they are living abroad. Wesh App creates an online community for each nationality enabling members to communicate with their peers in any country or city they are in.

  • Market Price creates boutique marketplaces to rare and time-sensitive goods, starting with restaurant reservations at world class restaurants. Our users gain unprecedented last-minute access, and our creative partners receive fair market compensation for their talent and dedication. The MP bidding engine is discreet, and ensures that every user who enters our platform walks away with a positive experience.

  • Email that speaks to individuals, powered by machine learning.

  • Virtru is the first company to make email privacy accessible to everyone. With a single plug-in, Virtru empowers individuals and businesses to control who receives, reviews, and retains their digital information — wherever it travels, throughout its lifespan. The company has set a new standard for digital privacy based on the Trusted Data Format (TDF), created by Virtru Co-Founder Will Ackerly and used by the intelligence community to secure some of the nation’s most sensitive data. Virtru requires no special skills or knowledge, supports all popular email and file types, and can be used on a PC, Mac, or mobile device. To learn more about the company, visit and follow @virtruprivacy on Twitter.

  • A social marketplace where people with additional space could rent their space to users who need space to store their possessions for a fee.

  • At GolfSmash, we bring together all the best golf resources onto a single platform. From here you can connect with friends, track your scorecards, read reviews, get golf tips, join a golf group, and more! GolfSmash is dedicated to bringing a unique experience to the golf industry and allows golfers the opportunity to interact on one intuitive platform. Isn’t it about time for a one­stop­shop in golf? With Golfsmash, it’s easy to connect, share, play, and discover all that golf has to offer!

  • Our mission is to enable and empower the greater population of people to create and collaborate more effectively by providing the much needed disruption in the way people work in 3D. We are developing revolutionary software for enabling immersive and intuitive human interaction for the creation, manipulation of 3D computer models and collaboration in a virtual environment.

  • AgentHero is a real estate referral company owned by Veterans of the US Military. We match buyers and sellers of homes with vetted, professional real estate agents who are Veterans and Military Spouses all across the country.

  • Bloom is a networking platform for journalism that connects readers with news relevant to their location.

  • BlueJewelz is pioneering the smart jewelry category, making technology that women actually need and want to wear. BlueJewelz developed the patent-pending BlueJewelz NOTIF™ notification platform, which is designed to enable various styles of compatible interchangeable jewelry. The BlueJewelz NOTIF™ is a miniature removable disc that discretely vibrates when calls or messages are received on the phone from important contacts she designates with the mobile app.

    BlueJewelz will offer a signature BlueJewelz Smart Jewelry Collection direct to consumer; provide white-labeled technology to designer fashion brands and wholesale custom BlueJewelz NOTIF™ packages to jewelers and jewelry designers.

  • Kichocheo catalyzes growth in people and organizations through a structured method of aligning individual’s’ strengths with organization objectives and opportunities. We work with organizations that express an interest in change and challenge, and steer toward outcomes related to the mission, growth, scale, and culture of the organization.

    We fluidly fill a role of translator and partnership broker to help an organization develop stronger ties within its community.


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