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Follow the competition Aug 2015 - Aug 2015

The Challenge Cup Local is the first round of the Challenge Cup competition where 1000+ startups will compete in 45 cities across the world for a spot in the regional round. Follow their journey on this page!


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  • Eastern North America
  • Western North America
  • Latin America
  • Eastern Mediterranean / Europe
  • Western Europe
  • Middle East / North Africa
  • Africa
  • Eastern Asia
  • India / SE Asia / Oceania

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Meet the startups who won their competition and will be advancing to the next round!

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Our partners are part of this global convening of the entrepreneurs innovating in industries that matter like education, energy, health, transportation, money and more. They are an integral part of the Challenge Cup, from mentoring world-changing startups to judging the finalists. This is more than a unique brand opportunity. It’s a front row seat to the inspiring innovation happening around the globe today.